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Succeed in Running a Business

by Ron Kurtus (revised 3 December 2019)

A business is a legally recognized enterprise or organized activity that obtains, creates or manufactures products or services and then sells them to customers on a continuing basis. Running a business requires leadership and includes management of finances, personnel, procurement, manufacturing, marketing and sales. This is true for a large corporation, as well as a one-person operation.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or manager, you need to know how to run your organization effectively to expand or grow the business.

My name is Ron Kurtus, and I want to help you start at improving your business skills, such that you are able to operate your business in a way that you will have greater profits, reduced costs, and a competitive advantage. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Business Contents


Defining Your Purpose

Definitions of Business Terms

Business Process Steps

Overview of eBusiness

Organizing business

Steps in Starting Business

Organizing Your Business

Establishing Business Mission

Managing Business Effectively

Organizing Your Business with ISO 9000 - ISO 9000 lessons

Character in business

Character of a Business

Good Character Important

-- Workers

-- Sales Staff

-- Management

Create Character Culture

Reducing costs

Reducing Business Costs

Champion Workers

Small Business Alliances

Training Your Workers - Training lessons

Techniques to Get Good Work and Supplies - TQM

Tools to Reduce Waste and Failures - TQM

Increasing business

Improvement Steps

Measuring Your Business

Getting More Business

Innovations Help Business Grow

Innovations Helped IKEA

Techniques to Get More Business - TQM

Training Your Customers - Training


Business Resources

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