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by Ron Kurtus

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Lincoln and Kennedy Interested in conspiracy theories USA
When Cops were Pigs Wore a PIG pin USA
Start the Fire Facts Correction on Rosa Parks USA
Start the Fire Facts Citing web page in Modern Language Association (MLA) Style USA
Start the Fire Facts Mickey Mantle USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Similarities in deaths are undeniable USA
Lincoln and Kennedy What type of gun was used? South Africa
Russo-Finnish War What is the history of the Karelian Peninsula? USA
Lincoln and Kennedy Kennedy and Lincoln in 1951 movie USA
General Was some of Nixon's speech not published? USA

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Interested in conspiracy theories

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


February 7, 2017

I am very interested in conspiracy theories. I believe that there is something more to the assassinations of JFK and Lincoln. If you would like to discuss more with me I'm available and if you have any more similarity's I'd be delighted to hear them. Thanks.

Anna - USA



Conspiracy theories about both assassinations are interesting.

Apparently John Wilkes Booth recruited a gang of conspirators to kidnap Lincoln. He had recruited Michael O'Laughlen, Samuel Arnold, Lewis Powell (alias Paine or Payne), John Surratt, David Herold, and George Atzerodt. On March 15th Booth met with the entire group at Gautier's Restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue about three blocks from Ford's Theatre to discuss Lincoln's abduction. Apparently, things didn't work out, so he assassinated Lincoln instead. See John Wilkes Booth Biography.

The life of Lee Harvey Oswald was very strange and included such events as joining the Marines, moving to Russia, then coming back to the U.S., promoting Castro, and then killing Kennedy. Some conspiracy theories say that he couldn't done all this without help--perhaps from the CIA.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Wore a PIG pin

Topic: When Cops were Pigs


January 17, 2017

i was a police officer during this time for the city of Kankakee which was a racist dept and we were issued a tie pin with a pig in the middle and words around it said "Pride Integrity Guts. I still have that pin.what happened during my time there you would not believe.

dennis - USA



Thanks for sharing your experience. It was good that the police forces turned what was supposed to be an insult into a positive statement.

I see that some of the recent demonstrators have been calling the police "pigs" again. They could stifle that by wearing pins like you had back then.

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Correction on Rosa Parks

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


January 2, 2017

Rosa Parks did not sit in the white section. Whenever there were not any seats left in the white section, African Americans had to give up the seats in their section of the bus. She refused to move from the seat assigned to African Americans...not the seat assigned to white people. Please check and correct this. Thank you.

Tabitha - USA



Thanks for setting the record straight. I corrected the material at Start the Fire Facts - 1956 - Alabama.

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Citing web page in Modern Language Association (MLA) Style

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


November 8, 2016

How would I cite this in MLA for an Analysis I am writing on this song? thank you so much!

Ray - USA



The book "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers" states:

Web Page Citation:

Author name (if available). Title of work (italicized if the work is independent; in roman type and quotation marks if part of a larger work). Title of Web Site. Version used. Publisher (if available, if none, use N.p.), date of publication as available - if note use n.d., medium of publication - Web, date of access - day, month, year.

Thus, your could state the citation something like:
Ron Kurtus
"We Didn't Start the Fire" (Facts) History Summary from 1949-1989
School for Champions - History
20 June 2016

I hope that helps. Best wishes on your analysis

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Mickey Mantle

Topic: Start the Fire Facts


May 29, 2016

1957. Mickey Mantle was MVP for 2nd consecutive year

Joseph - USA



Thanks for the info. I updated the page to include this fact about Mantle.

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Similarities in deaths are undeniable

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


March 24, 2016

These similarities are undeniable. This is very interesting but my question is: What do these similarities mean?? It's awesome that these events correspond with each other but why does it matter that they do? what would this mean for America?

Breanna - USA



The similarities between the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy certainly are interesting and even amazing, Some people read into the similarities that Kennedy was some sort of reincarnation of Lincoln. Others feel that if you compare the deaths of any two famous people, you can find a number of similarities.

I don't think much can be determined by these coincidences, except that they are simply interesting facts of history. It doesn't really change anything for America.

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What type of gun was used?

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


January 18, 2016

I have recently watch a documentary on this matter. What caliber firearm was used on both these presidents and what time of the day or night did this happen. Is there any street name similarities.

Kiri - South Africa



Lincoln was killed with a handgun, while Kennedy was shot with a sniper rifle.

Lincoln was watching a play at night, while Kennedy was in a car during the day.

Lincoln was in the Ford Theater, while Kennedy was riding in a Lincoln automobile, made by Ford.

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What is the history of the Karelian Peninsula?

Topic: Russo-Finnish War


November 23, 2015

What is the postwar history of national control of Karelian Peninsula since the end of the war and the dissolution of the Soviet Union?

What language is dominant?

William - USA



In 1991, Russian president Boris Yeltsin offered to sell Karelian Peninsula to Finland, but the offer was declined because the price was too high ($15 billion).

There is only moderate interest in Finland to get the area back. Many Finns left the area after the Soviets took over. Although Finn is still spoken in some areas, the peninsula is mostly inhabited by people who moved there from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and their descendants.

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Kennedy and Lincoln in 1951 movie

Topic: Lincoln and Kennedy


August 4, 2015

In 1951 there was a movie made called "The Tall Target" about Lincoln traveling from New York to Washington for his inauguration and the character traveling with him to help thwart his assissination was named John Kennedy.

Thomas - USA



Thanks for bringing that up. There actually was a police officer named John Kennedy who discovered the "Baltimore Plot" to kill Lincoln. Another strange coincidence.

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Was some of Nixon's speech not published?

Topic: General


July 21, 2015

Maybe I am stupid, but I cannot understand why half of Nixon's resignation speech, where he criticized the other party and the government, was not published. Cannot anyone else take any criticism? He said he just did that to try to change highest level crimes shrouded in secrecy.

Barbara - USA



I've looked at Nixon's resignation speech from several sources and didn't see anything about criticizing the other party or the government. In fact, I don't believe the news media would omit such statements, considering their views toward him at that time.

Where did you see that half of Nixon's speech was omitted?

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