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by Ron Kurtus

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What plants do kawakawa compete with? Plants New Zealand
Strategies plants use Criteria for Winning Micronesia
How does innovation affect business competition? General Tanzania
Better to go for swift victories Art of War Malaysia
Resource Resources Canada
Restaurant market segment in Mumbai Business Location India
Dirty playing in high school football games Defending Against Dirty Play USA
Purpose of a beauty pageant competition General USA
Give examples of businesses competing Business Types USA
How do animals compete for food? Animals Food USA
University competitions for corporate sponsors Types of Competitions Nigeria
Strategies applied to Education Art of War Philippines
Best location strategy for business Business Location Ghana
Suggested basketball link Basketball USA
Want to increase concentation in school Motivations India

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What plants do kawakawa compete with?

October 16, 2017


What plants do kawakawa compete with for light, space and water please

Teia - New Zealand (28291)


Much of the competition with other plants has to do with where the kawakawa is located. It is difficult to tell in its natural habitat.

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Criteria for Winning

Strategies plants use

September 15, 2017


I need to know the strategies plants use to out compete other plants,such as rapid growth,chemical warfare,growing up over other plants,and shade tolerance.

Pelwin - Micronesia (28237)


You have listed many of the strategies plants use. See Competition Among Plants for details.

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How does innovation affect business competition?

November 7, 2016


how innovation affect business competition performance!?

Mtemba - Tanzania (27465)


Innovation in business is coming up with new products, new services, or new ways to do things such as doing things faster or less costly.

These innovations will help the business stay ahead or catch up to the competition. For example, the maker of a mobile phone might improve the quality of its camera to attract more customers than the other companies. Or a bank may offer a special service that others don't offer, as a way to attract new customers.

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Art of War

Better to go for swift victories

October 24, 2016


how to apply this "In war, it is better to go for swift victories rather than engage in prolonged military campaigns." into business..?
thanks. :)

Pei Yuan - Malaysia (27409)


In a business, you want to be able to act quickly to produce and deliver goods. This gives you a competitive advantage. If a company takes too long to enter the market with its products, it is at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.

Another thought is that it may be better to get many small sales than to spend much effort and time on gaining a very big sale. Often many small contracts are better than waiting for the one big contract.

I hope this helps. Best wishes in your business efforts.

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October 12, 2016


Hi Ron,

I was searching for some poker information today and I came across your resources for winning at competition

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned but their site has been completely shut down for a while now.

You way want to remove their URL from your article.

My entire site is actually dedicated to providing success for poker players:

Might make a nice replacement on the page. :)

Either way, keep up the awesome work!


Josh - Canada (27365)


Thanks for letting me know. I checked the links and deleted two items with dead links. I added two new items plus your website at Competition Resources.

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Business Location

Restaurant market segment in Mumbai

October 10, 2016


What is your prime market segment 7and target market segment for street food restaurant in mumbai

Sameer - India (27358)


You need to do research on the various street food restaurants in Mumbai. This will give you an idea of the competition and what they have to offer, as well as their prices.

Then decide on the market segment or people you want to appeal to. This will help in defining your service.

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Defending Against Dirty Play

Dirty playing in high school football games

October 7, 2016


How do I address? My son is a football player for Galileo high school. He told me that he was down and the guy from Lowell high school keep knee him. It happened that we have it on tape! Should I will to my son's coach!

If now I will show the take to other school coach. And in the previous game, one of the players was down and they punched him three times. He up holding a punch but didn't happen! These never experience this!

We want them play a good game! Good sportsmanship! It is sad the coach lets they players play like that! I am sure this is not the first time! I want to address this!

Marie - USA (27352)


Unfortunately, some coaches allow their players to to play dirty and show poor sportsmanship. However, it is the job of the referees to flag dirty playing and penalize the other team or even throw the player out of the game. It is their job to make sure the players don't get injured by such dirty playing.

It is good that you have a tape of the incident. You can show it to your team's coach and also to the school principal. They should be concerned about such dirty playing. Also, other parents in your school should be concerned, because they don't want their kids to get hurt by such dirty playing.

I hope you will be able to get some action on stopping this activity. Let me know how things turn out.

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Purpose of a beauty pageant competition

August 9, 2016


Beauty with a purpose pageant competition.

- USA (27201)


In a beauty pageant, contestants are judged on their looks, personality, and talent. This is a form of Performance Competition, where a judge decides who is best and the contestants cannot affect the performance of the others.

Just as a competition to see who can run the fastest, the purpose of a beauty pageant is simply to see who wins under their criteria.

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Business Types

Give examples of businesses competing

April 18, 2016


could you give me an example of two business competing??

Jamie - USA (26944)


Ford Motor Co. is competing with General Motors for automobile sales.

McDonald's and Burger King compete for people wanting hamburgers.

Filing stations compete by their location and gasoline prices.

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Animals Food

How do animals compete for food?

February 8, 2016


How do they compete # examples and why do they compete besides the fact that they just have those instincts.

Azeem - USA (26763)


It is natural for animals to want to get food to eat. When two animals want to get the same item of food, they get into competition for that food.

Sometimes, the first one to see the food will grab it and run or fly away. A flock of crows may see some food, but the first one to get there will grab it and fly away. He won the competition.

Other times they might fight for the food. Dogs are known to compete for food by fighting.

Some animals--such as chimpanzees--can actually trick the other into getting the food.

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Types of Competitions

University competitions for corporate sponsors

September 19, 2015



Due regards. Please, can you simply summarize any of the competitions by giving illustrative examples of such competition that can occur in a university campus.... What exactly is that competition that can actually take place AMD attract a corporate sponsor....?
Thank you

Toritseju - Nigeria (26390)


If your goal is to attract a corporate sponsor, You can have a competition between students in an area of interest to the corporation. For example, a technical company might be interested in sponsoring a science competition among the students. This would also be to the company's benefit to recruit science students.

Likewise, an investment firm might sponsor a competition concerning new business ideas.

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Art of War

Strategies applied to Education

March 30, 2015


How can the strategies of Sun Tzu on waging war be applied to the DepEd organization?

Teresita - Philippines (25876)


Although the "Art of War" lays out strategies to win without losing too much in the process, I am not sure it is suitable to a Department of Education organization.

It is better to have a positive approach toward achieving the goals of educating students. Thus includes seeking finding for the teachers and schools. You do not want to have an adversarial relationship or have goals to defeat the other side.

There are good points in the Art of War that can be applied to running a business. However, business is often a competition. In fact, some businesses even consider customers as "the enemy" to be overcome. But those businesses usually do not last long.

Good communication and seeking a win-win solution for everyone should be the best approach in education.

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Business Location

Best location strategy for business

December 9, 2014


The best location strategy in a retail business is to site your business close to your competitors discuss. citing 4 advantages and disadvantages.

elias - Ghana (25625)


You want your retail business located in a place that is easy to find, such that customers can readily access the store. It should be on a street that has sufficient traffic for people to see and get to your store.

Often, you will find competition close to such locations.

One consideration is the cost or rent for such locations. You do not want to ave to pay too much for the location.

One consideration is that you do not want to be too close to a competitor. Having two stores next to each other and selling similar items can hurt both businesses.

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Suggested basketball link

February 1, 2014



I must say, I really love the article "How to win basketball games" I'm emailing you because I think my website is a valuable resource for your article. My name is Lamar Hull and I'm the founder of A little bit about myself, I played at Davidson College under Coach Bob Mckillop with Stephen Curry, current NBA superstar. I also played professionally in Europe. Inspirational Basketball is a youth basketball site that provides basketball & coaching drills, techniques, tips and inspirational stories. I think it would be a useful link for the article mentioned.

It would be a privilege to be listed on your site!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


Lamar - USA (24478)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added the link to Factors in Winning Basketball Games.

It looks like you have a great background in basketball and love of the sport. Best wishes in your endeavors.

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Want to increase concentation in school

October 17, 2013


Sir how to increase concentration and memory to be successful in studies

Abhishek - India (24105)


To be successful in your studies, you are really competing with yourself to do your best.

Try to eliminate distractions when you are studying. This will help your concentration. Taking notes in class and reviewing them is a good way to improve remembering important facts.

See Getting Good Grades: Strategies to Succeed in School for ideas of how to do well in school.

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