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Comparison of Animal Ages

by Ron Kurtus (updated 18 January 2022)

Most animals age more rapidly than humans. Just as humans need different nutrition, exercise and health care at the various phases in their lives, so too do your pets need different care as they age. Older animals suffer from the same ailments as elderly people, such as arthritis and loss of hearing and vision.

A comparison of the actual age of the pet and the corresponding of a human can give you a good idea of how to take care of your pet and also to understand its behavior.

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Longevity of various animals

The longevity of various animals ranges from about 193 years to 6 months. Usually, the larger animals live longer than the smaller ones.

Animal Typical Maximum Life span
  Elephant 70 years
  Camel 50 years
  Donkey 45 years
  Horse 40 years
  Lion 35 years
  Deer 35 years
  Bull 28 years
  Pig, wild 25 years
  Cat 23 years
  Tiger 22 years
  Cow 22 years
  Ox 20 years
  Wolf 18 years
  Dog, small 17 years
  Sheep 15 years
  Goat 15 years
  Fox 14 years
  Dog, large 12 years
  Rabbit 9 years
  Mouse 4 years
  Amazon Parrot 80 years
  Macaw 50 years
  Pigeon 26 years
  Blackbird 18 years
  Chicken 15 years
  Galapagos Land Tortoise 193 years
  American Box Turtle 123 years
  Crocodile 45 years
  Rattlesnake 22 years
  Ant, queen 3 years
  Ant, worker 0.5 year
  Bee, queen 5 years
  Bee, worker 1 year

Ages of cats

See: Comparison of Cat Ages.

Ages of Dogs

See: Comparison of Dog Ages.


Most pets and other animals have a shorter life span that humans. With dogs and cats, a relationship between their age and the equivalent human age has been estimated. As they age, they require different care, as do humans when they age.

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