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Comparison of Cat Ages

by Ron Kurtus (updated 18 January 2022)

Cats age more rapidly than humans. One year for a cat is equivalent to over five years of human life.

In the various phases of its life, a cat has different nutritional and health care needs. Older cats suffer from the same ailments as elderly people, such as arthritis and loss of hearing and vision. A comparison of the actual age of your cat and the corresponding age of a human can give you a good idea of how to take care of your pet and also to understand its behavior.

The same is true for dogs and other animals.

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Ages of cats

Cats need different care in the various phases of their lives. Small cats tend to live longer than larger cats, although the difference is not as noticeable as it is in dogs.

The following chart shows the phases in a cat's life, cat years and the equivalent human years.

Phase Cat Years Human Years
Kitten 3 months
5 years
Adolescent 6 months
10 years
  1 year
15 years
Productive Years 2 years
24 years
  3 years
28 years
  4 years
32 years
  5 years
36 years
  6 years
40 years
  7 years
44 years
Middle Age 8 years
48 years
  9 years
52 years
  10 years
56 years
  11 years
60 years
Senior Citizen 12 years
64 years
  13 years
68 years
  14 years
72 years
  15 years
76 years
Elderly 16 years
80 years
  17 years 84 years
  18 years
88 years
  19 years
92 years
Extremely Elderly 20 years
96 years
  21 years 100 years

Ages of Dogs

See: Comparison of Dog Ages.

Ages of various animals

See: Comparison of Animals Ages.


Most cats have a shorter life span that humans. With cats, a relationship between their age and the equivalent human age has been estimated as about five years. As they age, cats require different care, as do humans when they age.

Take good care of your cat

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