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by Ron Kurtus (updated 2 December 2022)

The following consists of websites and books on Animal Health.

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Use these resources to help your understanding about animal health.

Vet information

Note: There are a number of books and Websites that specialize in providing information about animal health. The reason to use an animal health-oriented Web site should be to get some preliminary information on a health issue before you go to the veterinary. You should always check several sites for the same information to get a broader view of the opinions offered.

Vet Technicians Library - Resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare

The State of Pet Healthcare - Guide to Pet Health, How Much Americans Spend, Common Pet Illnesses, Treatment Tips, and Financial Aid Options from Pet Life Today

How I Got into Veterinary School - List of interviews

Vet Clinics Finder - Find by Zip code -

Ask a vet a question online for free

On-demand online vet appointments - From

General pet health

Natural Pet Health Information - Especially related to natural eye care for pets.

Pet Coach - Information on health of dogs, cats and other small pets.

Pet Place - Articles on care of many types of pets.

Most Common Pet Ailments - Infographic from Pet Life Today

Guide to Dental Health for your Pets

Find Healthy Food for Dogs or Cats -

Advice on Pet Health -

Symptom Checker - From

Adopting a Pet

Guide to Adopting an Adult Dog - From

Adopting and caring for rescue animals - From

Pet Insurance

Should Pet Owners Get Insurance? Is It Worth The Cost?

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? -

Covid-19 and pets

Can animals catch Coronavirus (Covid-19)? -


Glaucoma in Dogs & Cats -

Flea and tick control

Flea Prevention Guide -

How Fleas Work -

How To Get Rid Of Fleas -

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Cats and Dogs - Vet Street

Keep Your Pet and Home from Flea Infestation -

Fleas on cats

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

Treating Cat Fleas Effectively - Good information on cat fleas

Fleas and ticks on dogs

Flea Control and Flea Bite Allergies in Dogs -

Possible Side Effects of Flea Bites in Dogs

Tapeworm Infection in Dogs - VCA Animal Hospitals

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog -

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Cat health

Cat Health Symptoms A to Z - WebMD

Common Cat Health Conditions - Web MD

Raise a Cat on a Budget - Resource guide

Why Is My Cat Not Eating? - From

Cat behavior

Cat Health and Behavior -

How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the House - medical reasons -

Cat diet

Making Cat Food - Homemade and Raw Cat Food Diets

Best Cat Food by Breed - From We're All About Cats

How to Fatten Up a Cat

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

How Much Water Should a Cat Drink?

Dog health

How to Read Dog Food Labels and What to Avoid -

Dog Care - ASPCA

Exercise Ideas That Will Transform Your Dog - From

Dog Heat Stroke Survival Guide - From

Your Dog Advisor - articles on dog health issues

Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) - From

Guide on Parvo in Dogs - From

Is Dog Pet Insurance Worth It? -

Puppy Weight Calculator: How Big Will Your Dog Get?

Dog age

Dog Age Calculator - With respect to breed and weight

Dog behavior

Prepare Your Dog For Separation Anxiety -

CalmingDog blog

Best Kong Products for Small Dogs

Barkitecture: 5 Doghouse Designs

Dog diet

The Truth About Dog Food -

Dog Embassy - about dog food

Best Grains For Dogs - From

Puppy Feeding Guideline

Dog Food & Nutrition -

Dog safety

How to keep dogs safe in the car -


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Rabbit health

Flemish Giant Rabbit - Taking care of a rabbit

Fish health

VivoFish - Expert reviews and insights to keep your fish happy and healthy

Pet safety

Pet Toy Safety Guide -

Dog safety

Dog Water Safety - WebMD - Healthy Pets

Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best & Safest - Humane Society

Best Kong Products for Small Dogs -

Best Nylabone Products for Puppies -

Cooling Your Dog in the Heat - From

Best Flooring for Dogs -

Pet Friendly Features for Your Home

Indestructible Dog Toys - From

Animal ages

Pet doctor - animal life span

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(Notice: The School for Champions may earn commissions from book purchases)

Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats: Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements by Shawn Messonnier DVM, Prima Lifestyles (2001) $24.95

Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs: Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments and Healing Techniques from the Nations Top Holistic Veterinarians by Martin Zucker, Three Rivers Press (2000) $14.95

The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care by C.J. Puotinen and Beverly Cappel-King, McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (2000) $24.95

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn, Rodale Press (1995) $17.95

Top-rated books on Pet Health

Top-rated books on Dog Medication

Top-rated books on Caring for an Older Dog

Top-rated books on Caring for an Older Cat

Top-rated books on Pet Diet

Top-rated books on Animal Glaucoma

Top-rated books on Animal Health

Top-rated books on Fish Health



You can use these resources to find out information on animal health issues before you see a vet.

Help to keep your pets healthy

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