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Studying Biographies

by Ron Kurtus (updated 16 March 2023)

Biographies are the life stories of famous or interesting people, as written by authors and historians. They differ from an autobiography, which consists of writings about personal experiences and viewpoints of the person's life.

I've always been interested in reading biographies about how famous people became successful or what influenced their lives. You can learn much from studying the life stories of famous people. You can examine personality traits, outside influences, events in their lives and work techniques and then apply them to your own life. Studying the lives of the successful can give you insight on the processes used, as well as to inspire you to also become a champion.

The purpose of these lessons is to help you gain understanding the basics of Biographies, such that you will become a champion in the subject.

Biography Contents


Learning from Biographies

People in Science

Benjamin Franklin

Publishing Years - to Age 40

Science Years - Ages 40 to 50

Statesman Years - after Age 50

Resources on Franklin

Thomas Edison

Birth to Age 40

Years after Age 40

Lessons Learned from Edison

Resources on Edison

Nikola Tesla

Birth to Age 40

Age 40 to Death at 87

Resources on Tesla


George Westinghouse

Alfred Nobel

People in Politics

Winston Churchill

Early and Journalist Years (Birth - Age 29)

Statesman Years (Ages 30 - 59)

Glory Years (Ages 60 - 69)

Final Years (Ages 70 - 90)

Resources on Churchill

The Strange Life of Lee Harvey Oswald


Adventure Years


People in Writing

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Birth to Age 29

Ages 30 to 39

Ages 40 to 59

Age 60 to Death at 74

Resources on Mark Twain

People in Business

King Gillette

People in ancient Greece


Early Years and Mathematics

Science and Later Years





Biography Resources

Survey results

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