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Bringing Out the Champion in Your Workers

by Ron Kurtus (updated 19 January 2022)

A champion is a person who does his or her best to achieve difficult tasks. In also includes someone who will champion a cause and help others.

Businesses want workers who are champions. The way to bring out the champion in your workers is to show appreciation for them, encourage them with the 5 Powers of a Champion and help them succeed and enjoy their journey.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Appreciate workers

Every day, you should give thanks for the workers you have--even the ones that are performing less than expected and the so-called troublemakers.

Your attitude of appreciation will show. They will know they are important to you and will start to respond accordingly.

Encourage 5 Powers

The 5 Powers of a Champion are health, knowledge, excellence, value and character. To bring out the champion in your workers, you must adhere to those characteristics and encourage them in your workers.


You can make sure their environment is healthy and encourage them to take care of their own health. Most people don't like others to bug them about health.

Healthy workers are more energetic and productive. It also reduces lost revenue due to illness or injury.


Give workers the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills. Encourage them to learn more, perhaps by incentive programs. Skilled workers are confident in what they do.


Producing quality goods should be emphasized. Make sure the workers get clear requirements and the tools to do excellent work. Promote pride in workmanship and recognize it. Workers will also have greater self-esteem as a result.


Make workers aware of their value and importance to the company and to the customers. Get them to feel like they are part of the team. This will provide them with motivation to do better.


Be honest in your dealings. Lead by example. Let the workers know you value honesty.

Indicate the company is determined to achieve its goals. Get them to be determined too.

Help them enjoy their journey

You can celebrate your personal and company successes. But you also want to help your workers enjoy their experience in life. You want to help them succeed. This means to give them a hand and work with them. But this really is the starting point and objective of this lesson.


By showing appreciation for your workers, encouraging them with the 5 Powers of a Champion and helping them get the most from life, you can bring out the champion in your workers. This is essentially applying the Daily Ritual of Champions to them.

Help your workers become champions

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