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Feedback Q&A on Business

by Ron Kurtus

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Resources Suggested resource USA
General Customer spreading false rumors USA
General Money needed to start business India
General Business Topics Manage business and school at the same time Malawi
General Business Topics How to succeed in business? Namibia
General Discuss business as a career Kenya
General Business Topics How can join this online? USA
Process Steps What are the business steps Pakistan
Starting Business Wants to start a seed business Pakistan
Resources Suggested business link USA

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Suggested resource

Topic: Resources


February 25, 2019


I hope you don't mind me reaching out! I'm looking into starting my own side business and was just reading through your business resources – super helpful, thanks for listing these :-)

I wanted to recommend an article, if you're open to it. Because I'm looking to start something with little to no investment, I found this list of low cost business ideas ( super intriguing. I didn't see anything like this on your resource page so I figured I'd share in case your visitors could find it helpful.

Thanks again!

Jennifer - USA



Thanks for the resource. I added a link to it in Entrepreneurship Resources and eCommerce Resources.

Best wishes for success in stating your business.

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Customer spreading false rumors

Topic: General


November 6, 2017

We had a customer accuse of of fraud for selling her a setting made of platinum because it was attracted to her rare earth magnet. I understand that jewelry is not our platinum, but considered pure with 950/50 ratio. I understand cobalt is often used as the 50. I understand cobalt is magnetic. I also understand that platinum is paramagnetic; which means it is a weak magnet.

Even if there was no Cobalt, is it possible if the rare earth magnet was strong enough it would attract the platinum? There are many websites stating that if it is attracted to a magnet. It is not platinum. The hurt the entire jewelry industry. Jewelers and pawn shops are misinformed because if these sites. They misinform customers.

I need some help in getting the truth out. We used, Stuller, a Billion dollar company as our supplier and showed her the invoice. We even paid $150 to have the setting independently appraised by a certified GIA gemologist. She would not accept those pieces if evidence and is calling us frauds, ruining our business. I need help in stopping the false info on the net that hurts our industry.

I hope you can help me with data on this. Thank you in advance.

Kim - USA



It is unfortunate that some people are complete jerks, and not only will not accept solid information that disputes some belief those people have, but they are also so nasty that they try to ruin another person's business.

The problem is that it is so easy to spread false statements through Social Media, and that there are people who will believe anything they see.

One thing you could do concerning this nasty customer is to offer to buy back the setting. It might be worth taking the loss than having such a person spreading false information about you and your business.

It is unlikely that any platinum used in jewelry is 100% pure. Also, since is it paramagnetic, it is slight attracted to a strong rare earth magnet. But of course, this will not convince some people.

I guess you--as well as many business people dealing with the public--have to be careful and spell things out before making a sale.

Best wishes for handling such problems in your business.

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Money needed to start business

Topic: General


October 29, 2016

how to start a Business without Capital ?

mehmood - India



If your business is providing a service, you only need enough money for some advertising and letting people know about what you have to offer.

If you are planning on selling products, you need enough money to purchase or make the products, as well as a place to sell them.

Best wishes in starting your business.

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Manage business and school at the same time

Topic: General Business Topics


February 22, 2016

am a university student and i want to involve myself in business without interfering with my academic perfomance, how can i manage my business and school at the same time?
Please help
thank you

- Malawi



Managing a business and studying in school at the same time can be difficult. However, there are many entrepreneurs who have been able to do both.

Good time management is important. Set aside a certain amount of time for your studies, as well as other blocks of time for your business activities. Multi-tasking or trying to do two or more things at once actually prove to be inefficient. It is better to focus on one thing at a time.

Work smarter instead of harder. You can get more things done that way.

Trying to do both may cut into your social life. But you can take time to enjoy yourself, as long as it is not overdone.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in your studies, as well as in your business.

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How to succeed in business?

Topic: General Business Topics


February 19, 2016

succeed in business

Kumpoma - Namibia



In order to succeed in business, you should provide good customer satisfaction with the products and services you provide.

Also it is important to have good leadership and effective management of the business. This will help having good workers.

Best wishes for success in business.

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Discuss business as a career

Topic: General


February 15, 2016

discuss business as a career

Edwin - Kenya



You really can't have business as a career. That is a vague term.

Now, you might get a good job in some business and make it your career. Being in business management it another area. Or you could start up your own business and run it as a career.

I hope that helps you understand the concepts.

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How can join this online?

Topic: General Business Topics


November 20, 2015

how can join this online..

jyoti - USA



You can use our basic lessons for free. New ones are being added all the time.

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What are the business steps

Topic: Process Steps


November 14, 2015

1. What is a business basic.
2. business steps.

Ijaz - Pakistan



In business, you need to get a product or service to sell to your customers. Often products are bought from producers and then the business sells them to customers.

But also, marketing and advertising is needed to let customers know you are in business.

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Wants to start a seed business

Topic: Starting Business


October 18, 2015

Greetings! Sir, I have read your good thoughts and ideas to start a good business. These are key points for any successive buisness. I am a student of seed science and technology and i want to establish a seed buisness after completion of my studies. My request is that kindly provide me some guidelines and besic steps to start a seed buisness or to establish a seed corporation. Thanks

Muhammad - Pakistan



It is good to study the various seed businesses--both large and small--to see what they do and how they get their customers. In fact, it may be worthwhile to look into working for such a company for a while, in order to learn the business and to know who are the suppliers.

If your expertise is in the seed science, it is also good to find a partner who has a business and marketing background.

Write up a short Business Plan that outlines what you want to do and how you will achieve your goals, as well as the funding your will need to get started. A good Business Plan is important in convincing prospective investors.

See Starting Your Own Business: Entrepreneurship for some more ideas, as well as to check the various resources.

Best wishes for success in your upcoming seed business.

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Suggested business link

Topic: Resources


August 10, 2015

I noticed your Links to your Business Resources section on your website and I want to thank you for providing those helpful resources.

Broadview Networks recently created a Top Tech 2015 Blog Award post that features the best technology bloggers on the internet, and we think your readers would benefit from this article too. The article leads to 20 bloggers who provide insight to the latest and greatest technology and how it can be utilized in business.

We hope you share our award findings on your Business Resources section, so that your readers may discover these bloggers and gain further and advice to what you have already provided.

Cindy - USA



I couldn't find the Top Tech 2015 Blog Award post. Also, most blogs seemed to be advertisements for BroadView.

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