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Chemistry Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 27 May 2018)

The following are resources and references on Chemistry:

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


General chemistry

Chemistry Coach - Extensive listing of information and tutorials from various schools

General Chemistry Toolkit - Toolkits and chemistry from St. Olaf College

ChemTutor - Basic lessons in chemistry

General Chemistry Topic Review - Overview of subject from Purdue University

Chem4Kids - Overview of Chemistry topics

Mocomi Chemistry for Kids - Good lessons and animations for ages 8 -12

Video Lessons on Chemistry - From


Chronology of Major Events in Chemistry - From Thought Company.

Timeline of Chemistry - Wikpedia


Chemical Elements - Site with details on Periodic Table

All About Oxygen - Medical Learning Library


Chemical Formulas - from the University of Waterloo, Canada


Chemical Bonding - Explains all about the subject

Construct a Lewis Dot Structure - Click on compound from list to see its molecular structure - from St. Olaf College

Predicting molecular polarity - Explains polar molecules


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Product composition

Chemical Composition of Consumer Items - From Chemical & Engineering News

Acids and bases

Weak Acids and Bases - From University of Waterloo, Canada

Experiments with Acids and Bases

Red Cabbage Indicator - Substitute for Litmus paper

DHMO Research - Tongue-in-cheek site dedicated to expose the "dangers" of dihydrogen monoxide

Finding chemicals

General Chemistry Online - Includes search for information on common compounds from Frosburg State University

Chemical Industry Search Engine - Enter a chemical name or molecular formula to get information at bottom of page

Science projects

Science Projects and Experiments - Listing on our site

You and Your Science Fair Project - Projects outline from informED of Australia


Top-rated books on Chemistry

Chemistry: Concepts and Problems (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides)

Organic Chemistry For Dummies by Arthur Winter

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments by Robert Bruce Thompson



Use these resources to get further information on the various Chemistry topics. If you have some good Chemistry links, let us know about them.

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