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Simple Method to Populate a PDF File with ColdFusion

by Ron Kurtus (5 January 2003)

You can add simple Adobe Acrobat code to a Macromedia ColdFusion page that will populate a PDF file with values sent from submitting a form.

Populating a PDF File from ColdFusion explains various applications and provides the basic steps to acheive this task.

This lesson will answer those questions.


Enter information below, click Submit, and see the resulting PDF file. Backspace to return to this page.

First Name

Last Name


It is assumed that you have created a PDF file in Acrobat and used the Form Tool to create the text fields, which are date, fname and lname in our example.


The CFML code for your input is:

<P><B>First Name</B>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="fname"></P>
<P><B>Last Name</B>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="lname"></P>


The output code is:

<CFOUTPUT><CFSET date="#DateFormat(now())#"></CFOUTPUT>
1 0 obj <<
/FDF <<
<</Root 1 0 R>>


You could also use <CFIF IsDefined("form.submit")> to include the input and output in one page.

Also, some people may get a warning that the file_name.fdf file may not be safe, depending on their security settings. You need to provide an assurance in case this happens.


You can convert and send a ColdFusion form as a PDF file using activePDF Toolkit. You simply make a PDF form, create the ColdFusion form, install the activePDF server, and create a ColdFusion page to populate the PDF.

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activePDF - Company that sells the activePDF Toolkit needed to convert CF to PDF format

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