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Feedback Q&A on ColdFusion

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 38 comments and questions on ColdFusion issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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General Starting to program in CF USA
Dates Problem with ColdFusion dates India
Dropdown List Submitting variable from a drop down list India
Dates Date query in ColdFusion USA
PDF Had trouble with CF to PDF method Australia
Populate Matrix What type of database can be used? USA
General Can ColdFusion be used with MS Access? Republic of Tanzania
Email Flash Sending Flash via ColdFusion mail India
One Page Back button doesn't work on some sites Canada
Session Variables Having trouble clicking Back in ColdFusion Uganda

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Starting to program in CF

Topic: General


July 16, 2016

Looking at starting to program in CF what are your rates. I have an old CF web site that really needs TLC right now and eventually rewritten in CF2016 I'm not book savoy but hands on I'm good at learning. I've taught myself HTML 5 and css3 but I don't like PHP and would rather stay on the cold fusion platform.

Allan - USA



ColdFusion is relatively easy to code, as opposed to doing things in PHP. The big disadvantage is the ISP or hosts charge more to be on a CF server. I use HostMySite, although there are a number of other good CF providers.

The advantage of CF2016 is that it has more "bells and whistles." However, there are a number of Deprecated Features which are no longer available.

I'm upgrading my ColdFusion articles, as many our out of date.

Best wishes in your programmatic with CF.

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Problem with ColdFusion dates

Topic: Dates


July 10, 2012

There are problem when comparing date in coldfusion. It behave differently in same situation. when we compare date some time, it behave like dd/mm/yy format after 12, it behave like a mm/dd/yy format.

Sukhvinder - India



I'm not sure what would be causing that problem. The date should behave the same, if the same code it used.

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Submitting variable from a drop down list

Topic: Dropdown List


August 5, 2011

i am new to this coldfusion basically i am java req is when i select item in dropdown when onchange event is called i want pass that option value to query to get results means i do't want to submit the form i want call one javascript method to pass that value to query

can you explain wn querys are executed on cfm pages and above problem..

please reply as soon as becoz this is my urgent req

ramesh - India



When you select an item from the drop-down list, you send the OPTION VALUE variable to the next page, where your database query will exist. If you selected "Apples", your query could be SELECT * FROM fruits_column WHERE fruit = #form.apples#

"form.apples" means the variable apples was sent from the form.

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Date query in ColdFusion

Topic: Dates


February 19, 2010

simple and clear. I'll try it tomorrow, hopefuly my query wont fail.

Thank you.




I hope everything worked out fine for you.

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Had trouble with CF to PDF method

Topic: PDF


January 17, 2008

i have used your cf to pdf demo but i must be doing something stupid as it is just producing the spill and not writing any file.
can you see for me.

i have copied your example to the letter.

Ben - Australia



The method is difficult to do. Unfortunately, your code did not come through my email system. You can try again.

If your server is CF MX7, you can use the tag:

This makes the process much easier. The other method was a work-around.

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What type of database can be used?

Topic: Populate Matrix


November 27, 2007

On several pages you reference a "database"... That's pretty broad, so I am curious just what kind of database you are querying. We have data in MySQL tables - is that something that these scripts can access? If so, how?

Skip - USA



Beginners in ColdFusion often use a Microsoft Access database. Although easy to configure, it also does not work well with multiple users. MySQL is a preferred database. MS SQL Server db is also often used. We use MySQL.

Using ColdFusion tags and SQL, you can access the various databases, as you would with PHP, ASP, etc. The advantage of CF is there is much less code, so it is easy to program and maintain. The disadvantage is that the server must have CF installed, so the host usually charges extra for that.

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Can ColdFusion be used with MS Access?

Topic: General


September 5, 2007

Please, can coldfusion assist in linking the web page to my Ms access database?
If yes, how?
Can coldfusion take care of the security issue?

Rainer - Republic of Tanzania



Your website host must have ColdFusion installed on their server to allow you to interface with your MC Access database that is also on the server, along with your web pages. By coding pages with the standard SQL code, you can then add, edit and delete information through your web page.

The advantage of ColdFusion is that it is easy to use and secure. The disadvantage is that website hosts usually charge extra to have a ColdFusion site. Not all host companies offer ColdFusion. If you have your website on your own server, you would need to purchase ColdFusion from Adobe and install it on your server.

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Sending Flash via ColdFusion mail

Topic: Email Flash


March 5, 2007

hey- i tried to send the flash movie as a content via cfmail but it's not
worked for me.I am here giving tried code.Please help me out.
if there is any mistake in the below code ,please correct to me.

manu - India



The principle is really simple. Take the Flash code that you have generated, and everywhere you see # in your flash code, you replace with ##. One place should be the version number: ##version=4,0,0,0. You probably have a higher version than 4. The other two places are for background color. You MUST replace each # with ## or it will not work.

The next thing is to have an absolute link to where your SWF file is located on your server.

Then send your code with CFMAIL, as normal. I just tried it to verify that it does work. Note that your email browser must accept HTML to see the Flash.

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Back button doesn't work on some sites

Topic: One Page


February 26, 2007

At if you type in the link code BAZ it opens my page (no problem) the back button opens index.cfm (again no problem) Yet if you enter the link code coke37 the back button opens the form script, and the page redirects again.

Also, link NHL and the back button opens the form script, yet link NFL and back button works fine.

Question, how can I make the back button return to index.html every time?


Michael - Canada



The problem is really not a ColdFusion issue. It probably is done with JavaScript.

For some reason, marketeers feel that making a site "sticky" in that you cannot exit the page with the back button, that people will look at their content more. In reality, it is a very unfriendly tactic that can get potential customers anger, especially if they have to close their browser to exit. You can get out of the page by looking at your browsing history, but many people don't know that.

I've never really looked into how to deactivate the back button, so I can't help you with that.

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Having trouble clicking Back in ColdFusion

Topic: Session Variables


July 24, 2006

I have been working on a project where i need a multiple page entry form ( data entry wizard) using coldfusion 6. I have a next, back and finish button where necessary. The next button works well but when i click back, i go back to the previous page but the content previously entered doesnot reappear. I have enable sessions both using cfapplication and in the admin but the problem just doesnt seem to go. I need your help.
You also said that you use type="hidden" to prefill your from. May i get to know how you do that exactly? If you dont mind demonstrate to me using a multiple page data entry form. Thank you very much.

David - Uganda



I assume that none of the material is added or inserted into the database until the Finish button is clicked. After the person fills out the form in the first page, the variables are sent to the second page. You can display them or set them as type=hidden to send on to the next pages. Another way is to set then as session variables, but I always preferred the extra code with the type=hidden, so I make sure things work correctly.

If you use your browser's Back button, the previous page should display correctly. But if you have a Back button on your form, you are really starting over with the previous page. One way to get around that is to have a duplicate version of each page, with the variables in the form defined as etc. The back button on page Page3.cfm would not go to Page2.cfm, but instead to a Page2a.cfm that fills in the form.

Another method is to define or CFSET all your session variables in Application.cfm as null values. Then when they are filled in, they will carry the session variable from then on. But often you have to do some adjustments to get the session variables to work properly. That is why I use the longer method myself.

Note that since this email is a CF form, I cannot write code in the letter, because it will not send properly.

I hope these ideas helped.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about ColdFusion issues.

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