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Feedback Q&A on ColdFusion

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 38 comments and questions on ColdFusion issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Session Variables Questions on using session variables USA
Overview Want to develop a data driven website using ColdFusion USA
PDF Help me to create PDF from HTML India
Dreamweaver Where do i download UltraDev software? Nigeria
PDF PDF file did not come up USA
PDF I have a problem with PDF Canada
Dates Better way to do it USA
Email Flash Wants to send movie to client United Arab Emirates
Overview How does coldfusion interact with a server? England
PDF Problems using method USA

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Questions on using session variables

Topic: Session Variables


May 12, 2006

First of all, thank you for a wonderfully intuitive resouce for "getting started with" COldFusion. As a relative newcommer to the sport, i've not had the opportunity to program on a ColdFusion 5 or earlier system, but i've read CORE Cold Fusion by Ebin Hewitt, so i can recognize that some of what you have explained might be pre-CFMX 6.1 -- which is fine of course, but i would like to know for certain as some things such as the session.variables seem as if they may be handled a bit differently now?

my question is this-- your example shows this bit of code:


which, from the rest of the code at your site, shows that this is going to take the VALUE of form.othername... what about moving on to another page-- isn't that largely the point of sessions? so, if we move to page 2, and there's no form.othername, have we wasted the power of that session, do we expect to use it again at some point when we revist the form.othername variable, OR does it take on a new value on page 2 depending on what is passed to it a second time-- thereby empowering the user to write expressions even if the variables have not yet been set-- as in, so we can populate forms where appropriate?

thank you! i hope this reaches you in good health

jeff - USA



I really need to update the material to conform to some of the new CF MX features.

Session variables are handy to have when you have a series of pages where you submit a form to go to the next page. With a session variable, you don't have to worry about a variable that has been defined on a previous page.

Personally, I prefer not to use session variables anymore. Instead, I put in inputs with type=hidden with the variable in the form. This is extra coding but it seems I can keep better track of what is going on.

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Want to develop a data driven website using ColdFusion

Topic: Overview


February 14, 2006

I would like to develop a data driven website using coldfusion. What are all the basic software that I need to install and where can find tutorials on how to begin developing with CF.




Your Internet provider must have ColdFusion installed on their server for you to run CF applications on your website or sites you are developing.

Although you can install a developer version of ColdFusion on your computer to test your programs, most people upload the code to their website and test the software there. This is less costly and avoids the major hassle of configuring your computer for using CF.

You can write CF code in any HTML editor, but it is easiest on Macromedia Dreamweaver or Homesite. Dreamweaver is the industry standard for web development and has aids for inserting CFML code. Homesite is a smaller (and less expensive version of DW. Not many know about the program. Both allow FTP to easily upload your files.

The Macromedia site at has a number of tutorials in their developer area. I found a book like "ColdFusion for Dummies" a good way to start. It is an inexpensive book that you can often find in used bookstores.

Learning the basics of SQL is very useful with CF in directing your database to send or receive data. Most use MS Access unless it is a corporate application.

Best wishes in using CF. It is a great language.

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Help me to create PDF from HTML

Topic: PDF


January 6, 2006

hi there,
i am new in Cold fusion. can you help me to create PDF from HTML using CF5.


shashi - India



The code given in our lesson combines ColdFusion with the PDF mark-up language. It is very sensitive. You can try to duplicate what we have listed.

Note that servers with CF MX now have a tag that creates PDF files. That is the wave of the future.

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Where do i download UltraDev software?

Topic: Dreamweaver


November 15, 2005

Please,Where do i download UltraDev software from the net.Am interested in it.

Achi - Nigeria



UltraDev has been incorporated into Dreamweaver from Macromedia at You may be able to download a trial version, but unfortunately, Dreamweaver is an expensive application but it is considered the standard in web development.

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PDF file did not come up

Topic: PDF


September 28, 2005

Greetings, I was looking at the following page and it seemed a likely solution, however, no matter which browser I use to try this page, instead of returning a pdf, it downloads the fdf file. Is this a problem witht he way the server is set up ?


David - USA



That is interesting. I just tried it and it seems to work fine. Do you have any problems opening a PDF file from another site? Perhaps some security setting?

Note that if your server has CF MX 7.0, you can easily create a PDF file from any form without having to go through all the coding.

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I have a problem with PDF

Topic: PDF


September 10, 2005


I wil test your code but i have a problem with PDF can I have a copy from your pdf file

Your site is very interresting


Fella - Canada



The coding is very difficult to do with this method. Note that you need to create a PDF form to use it.

The new version of ColdFusion MX now has a simple method to convert pages to PDF.

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Better way to do it

Topic: Dates


August 9, 2005

I created a regular expression to validate time.
Here it is...

Better than the 24-hour validation Coldfusion uses




Unfortunately, this form-based email will not show CF code. If you respond to this email, including the code, I can take a look at it.


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Wants to send movie to client

Topic: Email Flash


August 8, 2005

Hi I would like to send a email with flash movie to my client.

my movie is in the following link can you please help me how to send.

When I inserted the html page as signature i am getting following error

: Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly :

Ramesh - United Arab Emirates



Your best bet would to be to send the web address to the client and have him to to the page to see the Flash movie. You would be better off the insert the movie in an HTML webpage, along with some explanation. I can access your page, but noting happens when I click on the pictures.

Many of the security functions in email prevent sending Flash because of the fear of viruses. Also, depending on your client's email settings, the movie may not display.

The surest way is to give the link to your webpage or to send the SWF file as an attachment.

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How does coldfusion interact with a server?

Topic: Overview


May 19, 2005

How does coldfusion interact with a server? is it the same way that ASP does?

Lee - England



Yes CF interfaces with the server similar to ASP. They both can create dynamic web pages, access a database and such. The difference is that CF is simpler mark-up language.

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Problems using method

Topic: PDF


May 13, 2005

Hi I tried out your code on my CF servers and had some intersting results. The first time when I entered just the pdf name "/F(test.pdf)" CF said it could not find the form and asked if I wanted to browse to it. I said yes and just pointed to a copy of the same file on my desktop. It then opened the PDF with the submitted data. Awesome!

But I then went to correct the file path issue and entered
This time it found the PDF and opened it but didn't pass in the form data.

Any idea why this isnt working??
Oh, lastly your sample code page that has a sample submit seems to have the same problem. It opens up your sample PDF but the form data didnt come across.

Also you mention needing activePDF Toolkit. I don't have it and this still seems to work.

David - USA



This code is meant to be a free work-around instead of speading $$$ on activePDF Toolkit. Unfortunately, it is very touchy.

If your server is using ColdFusion MX version 7, there is now a CF tag that automatically creates a PDF . That is much easier to use.

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