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Feedback Q&A on Competition

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 46 comments and questions on Competition issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Types of Competitions University competitions for corporate sponsors Nigeria
Art of War Strategies applied to Education Philippines
Business Location Best location strategy for business Ghana
Basketball Suggested basketball link USA
Motivations Want to increase concentation in school India
War The use of the Sexton artillery vehicle USA
General Research paper on competition in business Tunisia
Art of War Use of Terrain with respect to business Philippines
Types of Competitions Want to participate in competitions Nigeria
General No cricket in my school India

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University competitions for corporate sponsors

Topic: Types of Competitions


September 19, 2015


Due regards. Please, can you simply summarize any of the competitions by giving illustrative examples of such competition that can occur in a university campus.... What exactly is that competition that can actually take place AMD attract a corporate sponsor....?
Thank you

Toritseju - Nigeria



If your goal is to attract a corporate sponsor, You can have a competition between students in an area of interest to the corporation. For example, a technical company might be interested in sponsoring a science competition among the students. This would also be to the company's benefit to recruit science students.

Likewise, an investment firm might sponsor a competition concerning new business ideas.

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Strategies applied to Education

Topic: Art of War


March 30, 2015

How can the strategies of Sun Tzu on waging war be applied to the DepEd organization?

Teresita - Philippines



Although the "Art of War" lays out strategies to win without losing too much in the process, I am not sure it is suitable to a Department of Education organization.

It is better to have a positive approach toward achieving the goals of educating students. Thus includes seeking finding for the teachers and schools. You do not want to have an adversarial relationship or have goals to defeat the other side.

There are good points in the Art of War that can be applied to running a business. However, business is often a competition. In fact, some businesses even consider customers as "the enemy" to be overcome. But those businesses usually do not last long.

Good communication and seeking a win-win solution for everyone should be the best approach in education.

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Best location strategy for business

Topic: Business Location


December 9, 2014

The best location strategy in a retail business is to site your business close to your competitors discuss. citing 4 advantages and disadvantages.

elias - Ghana



You want your retail business located in a place that is easy to find, such that customers can readily access the store. It should be on a street that has sufficient traffic for people to see and get to your store.

Often, you will find competition close to such locations.

One consideration is the cost or rent for such locations. You do not want to ave to pay too much for the location.

One consideration is that you do not want to be too close to a competitor. Having two stores next to each other and selling similar items can hurt both businesses.

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Suggested basketball link

Topic: Basketball


February 1, 2014


I must say, I really love the article "How to win basketball games" I'm emailing you because I think my website is a valuable resource for your article. My name is Lamar Hull and I'm the founder of A little bit about myself, I played at Davidson College under Coach Bob Mckillop with Stephen Curry, current NBA superstar. I also played professionally in Europe. Inspirational Basketball is a youth basketball site that provides basketball & coaching drills, techniques, tips and inspirational stories. I think it would be a useful link for the article mentioned.

It would be a privilege to be listed on your site!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


Lamar - USA



Thanks for the suggested resource. I added the link to Factors in Winning Basketball Games.

It looks like you have a great background in basketball and love of the sport. Best wishes in your endeavors.

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Want to increase concentation in school

Topic: Motivations


October 17, 2013

Sir how to increase concentration and memory to be successful in studies

Abhishek - India



To be successful in your studies, you are really competing with yourself to do your best.

Try to eliminate distractions when you are studying. This will help your concentration. Taking notes in class and reviewing them is a good way to improve remembering important facts.

See Getting Good Grades: Strategies to Succeed in School for ideas of how to do well in school.

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The use of the Sexton artillery vehicle

Topic: War


April 28, 2013

Britain and Canada only used the Sexton for indirect supporting fire. They kept the Sextons well back from the front line and used forward observers to direct overwhelming fire on a target.

In spite of its confused origin <--- who would have thought

Cobra - USA



The Sexton was a self-propelled artillery vehicle of World War II, used by the Canadian and British Armies.

Thanks for telling how they were used in battle.

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Research paper on competition in business

Topic: General


March 8, 2013

I want you to help me to write a good conclusion about topic of business and competition in my research paper, because am not well in the development of the conclusion, by focusing on the advantage and the disadvantages of competition in business.

nabila - Tunisia



The introduction of your research paper should state the theme, purpose, or solution to a problem you are proposing. Then the body of the paper should explain the important points and give your argument. You conclusion then summarizes your proof.

For example, "In conclusion, I have shown the following advantages and disadvantages in business competition: X, Y, Z. If done correctly, the advantages of competition in business can overshadow the disadvantages.

Also see Business Competition for information on the topic.

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Use of Terrain with respect to business

Topic: Art of War


October 6, 2012

Can you translate the six terrains (Chapter 10) in "The Art of War" to business? can you please translate it one by one? thanks!!!

- Philippines



In "The Art of War", proper use of terrain can help get a competitive advantage on the enemy. A similar concept works in business, where you want to get a good location for your business that will be an advantage over your competitors.

You want a business or store that is readily accessible to your customers.

When a salesman works a territory, the area can be considered "entangled" such that other salesmen have difficulty making sales there.

There are locations for a store that can seem enticing but are really not good and can be considered "temporizing" locations.

If an opposing store is in a location that is like a narrow pass, it would be wise not to try to build in that area.

A high location for a stores or one that is easily seen by customers is a preferred location.

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Want to participate in competitions

Topic: Types of Competitions


July 19, 2012

Please I would love to participate in your up comings competition whenever its online.And I don't know how I will be contacted.Thanks as my request will be granted.

Moses - Nigeria



We reallly don't have any competitions among our readers. The lessons on Competition are meant to give you a background on the various aspects of competing, so that you will be able to perform at your best and make adjustments to various opponents.

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No cricket in my school

Topic: General


July 15, 2012

They are not taking competition in cricket i am a very good player in cricket

santosh - India



Cricket is a good game, but unfortunately some schools do not have formal teams forone reason or another.

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