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Feedback Q&A on Competition

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 46 comments and questions on Competition issues. They are listed according to date.

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Art of War How did Sun Tzu feel about war? USA
Business Role of management accounting in market competition Rwanda
Art of War How does The Art of War relate to business strategy? Malaysia
Animals Food Why do some moths fly in the daytime? Cambodia
Business Location Importance of location of a business is to its success Uganda
Head-to-Head Describe more about head to head strategy Indonesia
Business How does IT help a company compete? USA
Art of War Missiing chapters USA
Business Wants to improve developing raw materials in Indonesia Indonesia
Business Wants to study for MBA in Washington Indonesia

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How did Sun Tzu feel about war?

Topic: Art of War


June 20, 2012

1, how does sun tzu feel about war ? is he opposed to it or does he fell that it is necesser?
2,have you seen some of the qualitiesof war that sun tzu felt strongly about?
3what action have you seen that sun tzu deemed important?

eyrusalem - USA



Although Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, he believed: "The true objective of war is peace."

His book concerns strategies and tactics that enable an army to have an advantage over the enemy with the least number of casualties possible. The more important thing he taught was to thoroughly plan out each operation. This is true in war as it is in business.

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Role of management accounting in market competition

Topic: Business


May 24, 2012

Dear sir,
i wish to know real: "What is role of management accounting in market competition in business?"
thank you.




A company needs to keep its financial records in order in order to be effective.

Unfortunately, some companies post false profits or hide losses to make them seem better than competing companies, as well as to increase their stock value. This strategy usually backfires when the truth comes out. It can result in fines or jail for those who deceive their investors.

Good management accounting and what they call transparency in how the business is run is the best competitive strategy.

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How does The Art of War relate to business strategy?

Topic: Art of War


October 3, 2011

What does the chapter "The Attack by Fire" can relate to the business strategy?

Muhammad - Malaysia



In war, attacking by fire is to use the means available to disrupt the enemy before making an attack. However. you must make preparations to make the attack, as well as to make sure the soldiers are utilized properly.
In business, you want to gain a competitive advantage on your competitors. Before an advertising campaign or grand opening of a new store near their store, you must make preparations and make sure your workers and managers are up to the task. An unexpected advertising campaign with a new product line can be disruptive to the competition.

There are several books out on interpreting the Art of War to the business world.

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Why do some moths fly in the daytime?

Topic: Animals Food


February 18, 2011

Why some Moths fly in the day time?

Seiha - Cambodia



Most moths fly in the daytime, except that you just don't notice them. However, since moths frequently appear to circle light bulbs at night, that is where you see them the most.

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Importance of location of a business is to its success

Topic: Business Location


January 25, 2011

Hi there am doing a paper on how important the location of a business is to its eventual success. My aim is to show that a great location = great business and a poor location = poor business. Am discussing the issue that proximity to customers, level of competition and level of infrastructural development can greatly contribute to the making of a great or poor location. Any contributions to my cause will be highly appreciated.

Pauline - Uganda



The importance of the location of a business depends greatly on the type of customers being sought.

If the business is a store where people come to shop, it should be readily accessible and easy to find. Being on a busy street or being easily visible can be important. However, neighborhood stores have the advantage of being close in and not having the competition from the larger stores on the busy streets.

Note that there are some stores which are in out-of-the-way locations, where the rent is inexpensive. This allows them to have lower prices. However, they do need to spend more on advertising to let people know where they are.

With the increasing popularity of online stores, the major location requirement is to be able to conveniently ship their goods. They need to advertise their web address.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in your paper.

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Describe more about head to head strategy

Topic: Head-to-Head


December 14, 2010

dear team, i just want you to describe more about head to head strategy and differentiated strategy. and with an example on each. thank you. before that also give me a complete explanation about blue ocean strategy thank you.

abika - Indonesia



We plan to add more about head-to-head competition, especially concerning business competitions, in the near future.

In a head-to-head competition, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent, so that you can plan a strategy to make the most of your differences.

The Blue Ocean Strategy concerns creating new demand for products in an uncontested market space, instead of competing head-to-head with other companies for the same customers. For a good presentation on the Blue Ocean Strategy, see:

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How does IT help a company compete?

Topic: Business


October 28, 2010

With Information Technology revolutionizing the way Buisnesses do work, how does IT also change the way businesses compete?

Yonatan - USA



Information about the internal processes of the company, as well as much of the data on how the business is run, it is important. Likewise, information about the company's competitors can be valuable. Finally, it is very important to have information about what the customers want and need.

Information Technology is supposed to make it easier to gather data, analyze it, interpret it and directed to the proper persons. If it is properly implemented, IT can give a company a competitive edge.

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Missiing chapters

Topic: Art of War


June 13, 2010

I have been reading the Art of War with my son, age 14, chapter by chapter. I came across this site and we went through it chapter by chapter. We came to Chapter 11 and it was not there and we could not get to Chapter 12 or 13. The summary and the quizes were excellent and we are hoping they are somewhere to be found. Please help with this.

Stephen - USA



Thanks for reminding me to complete the section. I uploaded chapters 11, 12 and 13 to complete the book.


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Wants to improve developing raw materials in Indonesia

Topic: Business


April 2, 2010

im from asia. indonesia is my country. my country is such a rich land country which always import to many basic/raw material from other country. my question is, why we such that easy buying and importing to many material that we have and we are to consumtive in many aspect? and in this global situation, china is our role model which those product been sold everywhere. we dont learn from china? ha ha just basic question. wait for ur reply

interest in developing raw materials managing for my country's good and wealth

melissa - Indonesia



For many years, due to their Communist doctrine, China did not allow free enterprise. Only recently have they allowed and encouraged people to start up and run businesses. The results have been outstanding, as can be seen by their growth in business.

China has also encouraged education, sending their top students to colleges around the world to learn. This has helped them in being able to produce goods.
A country such as Indonesia has great potential, since it has rich land and raw materials. However, if the country only depends on selling material to other countries or letting others own and operate businesses, the country will be second class.

What is needed is to encourage local entrepreneurs to start up businesses, using your resources. Education must also be emphasized. And finally, a culture of quality should be stressed.

Some Chinese goods are not only inexpensive but also have quality. However, they also have allowed carelessness and even corruption leak into some businesses. Some items have been toxic and have harmed consumers, which has affected their reputation.

After World War II, Japan was known for cheap, unreliable goods. But then they turned to Total Quality and now are known for high quality goods.

Indonesia needs to be known for producing high quality goods, using its rich resources. That combination will be good for the country and the world.

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Wants to study for MBA in Washington

Topic: Business


April 2, 2010

i want some suggest to learn mba study in usa excatly washington, i want to study some rice/water developing management that i interested in.

thank you

melissa - Indonesia



Water Development Management is an important subject for Indonesia and other countries, especially those growing rice.

If you are finishing your college degree, you can seek a Masters In Business Administration (MBA). However, it is not always easy for foreign students to enter advanced programs in the U.S. You should check with your college administrators for information and possible scholarships to US schools.

For information on the technology MBA program for the University of Washington see:

You might also consider getting your advanced degree online.

I hope this helps, and best wishes in getting your MBA.

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