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Feedback Q&A on Competition

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 47 comments and questions on Competition issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Business Wants to study for MBA in Washington Indonesia
Resources Wants to link to our site from poker site USA
Advantage with TQM How an organization create a competitive advantage? Malaysia
Art of War Did Sun Tzu have a wife? Australia
Business Types Comparing competition in tourism business Tanzania
Advantage with TQM How consumers are satisfied with fast food service Philippines
Advantage with TQM Problems that affect credit cooperatives Philippines
Advantage with TQM Requirements for developing a strategic plan Malaysia
Business Value in the insurance business Ghana
Advantage with TQM How does supplier quality affect costs? Pakistan

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Wants to study for MBA in Washington

Topic: Business


April 2, 2010

i want some suggest to learn mba study in usa excatly washington, i want to study some rice/water developing management that i interested in.

thank you

melissa - Indonesia



Water Development Management is an important subject for Indonesia and other countries, especially those growing rice.

If you are finishing your college degree, you can seek a Masters In Business Administration (MBA). However, it is not always easy for foreign students to enter advanced programs in the U.S. You should check with your college administrators for information and possible scholarships to US schools.

For information on the technology MBA program for the University of Washington see:

You might also consider getting your advanced degree online.

I hope this helps, and best wishes in getting your MBA.

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Wants to link to our site from poker site

Topic: Resources


December 23, 2009

Dear Support Team,

I'd like to publish a review about your site( in my articles section ( and I would like to include a link to your site as well. To make this partnership beneficial for both parties, I'd like to ask You to publish a gambling related unique content article on your site that contains a link to my project. I'd be sending you the necessary content absolutely free of charges!

If I'm not sending this mail to the right person, please forward it to the one responsible with marketing :-)

Best regards,
Nick Cosic

Nick - USA



You can publish a review about the material in our site and include a link to it.

Where is your articles section? I couldn't find it. Also, not that your Survey page doesn't work.

I assume your site relates to people playing online poker. Let me know a little more about what you are providing. Also, how is this site related to, or are they different versions of the same thing?

I can add a link to your site on our gambling competition pages, however, I'd like to get a more clear idea of what your sites are about.

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How an organization create a competitive advantage?

Topic: Advantage with TQM


November 21, 2009

what is quality? How an organization can response to its importance to create competitive advantage?

zet - Malaysia



A quality product is one that exceeds the customer's expectations and is reliable, such that it does not break down soon. It is not the same as luxury. A luxurious product may look nice but not perform well and may easy break down.

Customers tell their friends when they are pleased with the quality of something they bought. They will also tell their friends not to buy from a company that sold them an inferior or low-quality product. This word-of-mouth advertising can be a great competitive advantage to a company.

See our section on Total Quality at:

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Did Sun Tzu have a wife?

Topic: Art of War


August 21, 2009


JOHN - Australia



As far as I know, Sun Tzu seemed to have devoted his life to the art of warfare. There are mentions of his father and family, but I haven't seen any mention of him having a wife or children.

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Comparing competition in tourism business

Topic: Business Types


April 5, 2009

Explain how tourism experter identify compertition in tourism business

Athony - Tanzania



Any company or individuals who offer tours or accommodation for tourists in your area can be considered your competition. You need to narrow the list down to those who offer the same or similar services as you do. Then, it is good to have someone use their services to see what special features they offer and how they compare with what you offer, including price.

Good service of high quality at reasonable prices is the best goal to have.

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How consumers are satisfied with fast food service

Topic: Advantage with TQM


December 11, 2008

Dear Sir,

Good Day!!!

I would like to ask again on how the consumers satisfied in terms of the quality of service rendered by the restaurant and fast food?
Thank you!!!

Mariane - Philippines



The expectation of good service by the customer is usually higher the more expensive the food on the menu. A fast food restaurant usually has a lower price range and minimal service. As long as the attendants seem competent and are not rude, the customer will be satisfied. But in an expensive restaurant, customers expect a high level of service. In fact some may expect more service than is reasonable.

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Problems that affect credit cooperatives

Topic: Advantage with TQM


December 11, 2008

i would like to ask about the problems that affects the credit cooperatives

Katrina - Philippines



The major problem that occurs in credit cooperatives is a gross inefficiency in their functioning due to people not paying their loans. This can be due to mismanagement but also because the system has grown so fast that there is not enough oversight about who is given a loan or credit.

Just like with a standard company, growth is good, but it must be controlled growth. Also, in any financing situation, there are often dishonest people who will try to take advantage for their own profit.

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Requirements for developing a strategic plan

Topic: Advantage with TQM


March 31, 2008

1. What are the requirements for developing a strategic plan and how can a firm achieve competitive advantage through business strategy?

2. Planning is becoming more important activities for logistics managers. What are the hierarchy of planning and how does strategic planning differs from tactical and operational planning?

Thank you

Romanus - Malaysia



A company needs to have some goals and objectives of what it wants to achieve in order to create a plan to reach those goals. If part of the goal is to gain an advantage on a competitor, the company management must know who the competition is and their strengths and weaknesses. They must also evaluate their own capabilities .

Logistics managers need a different form of planning, because of the complexity of logistics. Upper management would seek competitive advantage, while logistic management seeks effective operations.

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Value in the insurance business

Topic: Business


December 20, 2007

In insurance industry, about primary activities
. what are the primary value-creating activities
. How do these activities help in creating value
Also with support activities
. identify the support activities
. how these activities help in creating value.

frank - Ghana



The insurance business uses statistical data to determine the probability of risk for covering someone in case of an accident of some sort. They need to carefully determine the risk in a particular potential client. They must also be aware the some customers may be "accident prone", so they need to look at past claims. these activities create value by assuring there is no loss.

Finding new customers, convincing them that they need insurance and convincing them that your insurance company is better than the competition are important value-added activities.

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How does supplier quality affect costs?

Topic: Advantage with TQM


October 21, 2007

Dear Sir,

thanks for helping me to understand the benifits of TQM. but i have one question in my mind and i think its very important.
i just want to know that to produce a quality good i need quality raw matertial for the manufacturing the product. so to buy a quality product i need to pay good amount. so this thing will increase my over all cost of my product. so now how you can say that TQM can reduce my cost?to produce good quality i need quality raw material which is available in market in higher price. please explain that i want to produce quality good so how TQM helps me?
becouse if i use cheep raw material which is available in low cost, my product cost is also low and i can sell my product more in quantity then other due to low price.
waiting for your prompt response.

Abdul Mannan
Student of MBA (Marketing)

Abdul - Pakistan



One important aspect of our TQM approach is to help your suppliers provide you with quality goods, as well as to reduce their costs. When you get a good supplier, you can create a partnership of continuous business. This save them money that might be spent on advertising and will even allow them to discount goods to you. Some companies even help to train suppliers to be able to provide quality goods.

You also want to look at the losses from inferior supplies and material. You may pay less for the goods, but it can result in more failures in your own products. This means losses in repairs. But even more so, it means your customers will accuse you of providing low-quality goods, even if the problem was with the supplier.

You want to get raw material at the best price possible, but you also must make sure that it does not affect the quality of your goods. Careful analysis must be made of the trade-offs involved. Check the effect of quality and cost of the raw materials and other supplies you purchase to the final quality of your product.

See our section on TQM at for more information.

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