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Online Advertising Programs

by Ron Kurtus (revised 28 February 2018)

There are a number of online advertising programs where you can place ads from their clients and receive commissions, including flat-fee ad placements, click-through ads, and sales-made programs.

This is a popular e-commerce revenue model.

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Flat-fee programs

Some businesses or their advertising agencies will pay you a flat fee for placing ads on various pages in your website. The amount may be from $30 to $100 for a year or even forever.

Usually advertising agencies will contact you, if they feel your website content appeals to their client's customers.

Click-through programs

Click-through programs give you a commission when a user clicks on an appealing ad sponsored by the program. The "click" sends the user to the advertiser's website. The "click" is also recorded to your website's account, and you are given a small commission for the action.

Google AdSense program

A highly popular method is to use the Google AdSense program, where relevant ads are placed on your web pages, according to your content and key words. When users of your site click on an ad, you gain a commission.

Sales-made programs

A sales-made program will pay a commission if a person clicks on an ad from your website and then makes a purchase from the sponsor's site.

Amazon Associates program

A popular sales-made program is from, where you place ads on your website about recommended books or products. If a user clicks on that ad and then makes a purchase, you will get a commission on the sale. A typical commission is 6% of the sale price.

If the user continues on the site in that session, you can also get credit for other purchases.


You can gain revenue by providing advertising space on your website.

Advertising programs include single ad placements, click-through Google AdSense ads, and sales-made on ads.

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