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Selecting Web Address for Your Online Business

by Ron Kurtus (revised 17 September 2015)

If you are starting an online business or have an existing business and are expanding into e-commerce, you want to get a web address the same as your company name or very close to it.

It is important to select a web address that is not only easy to remember but also reflects on what your business provides. The web address goes hand-in-hand with the actual name of your company or business.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Reason name important

The reason the name of an eCommerce business is more important than a standard business is because the name is the address.

Standard business names

The names of many companies reflect the product or service they deliver. Some have the name of the founder, while others combine the founder with the product. Many smaller businesses add the type of service they provide, such as quality, speedy, or low-cost. Business names can also evolve as the business becomes more entrenched in the minds of the public.

Examples of the source of business names include:

Web business names

On the other hand, web-based businesses not only need to tell what they sell, but they also must be memorable. The reason for this is that the name is usually related to the Web address or Web address.

A good example is You don't need to remember a telephone number or street address to try to find some "hot jobs" or to make a listing. You have the address right in the name.

Of course, there are exceptions where companies chose a catchy name and were able to create a presence and identification with that name. is a great example.

Good and bad Web names

The following lists names of Web businesses that I consider good name, questionable names and exceptions to the rule.

Descriptive names

There are many Web-based business that garnered clever, descriptive names that I wish I would have thought of:

Questionable names

Names based on previous success

Existing companies go into eCommerce and use their own name identification for success. Also, famous people can do the same.

Exceptions to the rule

The following companies got in first and established their e-name in the minds of the public:

Also, must search engine sites have completely non-descriptive names, whether they were first in the market or late-comers.

What to do

If you are going to get into eCommerce, you must think hard about what you will name your online business. You must get a name and an Web address that will describe what you sell and that will be memorable. Unless you are the first with a hot idea and can get into the public eye quickly, you should not try some cute name.


The name of an e-business is much more important than that of a standard business, because the name is also the address. Getting a clever, descriptive name can propel your business to great heights.

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