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Purpose of Lessons on Education

by Ron Kurtus

The audience for the lessons on education consists of teachers, educators, and parents, as well as students of education and those who seek self-education.

Issues include:

The study of teaching methods is important for those involved with the development, delivery, and management of education. The following material explains the purpose, objectives, mission and vision for these online lessons.

Lessons supplement learning

The material is not intended to be a comprehensive course in educational development methodology. Rather the lessons are meant to be a supplement that will give you an enhanced perspective on how to develop and present educational material.

Not only do the lessons give you helpful tips and concepts, but they also are meant to provide you with insight on good methods to use.


The objective of these lessons on teaching is to provide education students, teachers and instructional designers with basic concepts, different outlooks, and helpful tips or ideas to:

Another aspect of these lessons is to encourage you to use your knowledge to seek personal excellence and to benefit society by helping others succeed.


The School for Champions goes beyond simply teaching subject matters. We also have a mission, which is to encourage you to benefit society with your knowledge and skills.

Doing this will reward you beyond simply passing a class or gaining a skill for your job. It will give you the satisfaction of making a difference.


The vision for the School for Champions is to ultimately see a world devoid of ignorance, hatred and poverty. We can see people effectively working together to get the most out of the opportunity of life and to help others enjoy the same prosperity.

Applying training and education to the benefit of mankind can help achieve this goal.


Learn the material. Use your knowledge. Make the world a better place.

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