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Ron Kurtus' eLearning Credentials

(23 August 2012)

Ron Kurtus has a sound background in teaching, training, and web development. In 1998, he developed computer-based training (CBT) for classes at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. He then provided CBT and web-based training (WBT) for General Electric Medical Systems, Radysis, and other major industrial firms.

Ron majored in both Mathematics and Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He did his graduate work in Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in Mathematics at the University of Missouri.

Kurtus then taught at the University of Missouri, the Milwaukee Area Technical College and Waukesha Country Technical College.

He worked for a number of years doing scientific work at various companies, including developing infrared sensors for weather satellites for the Santa Barbara Research Center, testing electro-optical systems for Hughes Aircraft Co. and managing the development of laser space weapons for the Air Force’s Strategic Defense Initiative programs.

Kurtus has written two books: Gravity and Gravitation and Tricks for Good Grades.

Material he has written has also been cited in 151 published books, including Physics textbooks and a book published by NASA.


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