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eLearning is Effective Training Solution

by Ron Kurtus (revised 19 July 2000)

Every company needs to have well-trained personnel who will be able to do their jobs effectively and add value to the company's output. Unfortunately it is difficult for a company's professional employees to abreast of the latest technologies and techniques. A more serious problem is the fact that many employees—from the blue collar to the professional—lack the basic skills they should have learned in high school. Such a situation could be troubling.

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Required training has drawbacks

The way to keep employees up-to-date is to both require them to take additional education and to provide in-house practical training at all levels. Any company worth its salt has some sort of training program for its workers and management.

Unfortunately, required training has three factors that are major drawbacks:

Training can be expensive, especially if employees must go to classes and seminars in another city. Even in-house training can be costly. Also, scheduled classes may take a worker from the job at critical times. The time required for scheduled classes may not be available.

Also, even though instructors may follow the same text book, each will teach slightly different material, raising the problem of training that is not consistent throughout the workforce.

eLearning is an effective solution

A solution to the cost, time, and consistency requirements is to use eLearning, Computer-Based Training (CBT) or Web-Based Training (WBT). They have been proven to be effective training solutions.

CBT is an effective solutionAfter the initial development or purchase cost, CBT or WBT can save training expenses, because it can be used over and over again. eLearning also allows the worker to study at his or her own convenience, without the necessity of scheduling times for classes. Instructors do not need to be present when it is being used. Also, everyone is following the same curriculum.

Other advantages include the fact that CBT and WBT can simulate many work situations, giving the student practice in real time, and that progress can be monitored and improvements measured and documented through the software.

In all, eLearning can help to transform workers unskilled in a given area to those who are proficient in that task.

eLearning must be well designed to add value

All course work or training must be well designed in order to achieve the training goals of the company. eLearning has even higher requirements than standard classroom lessons.

Unfortunately, eLearning developers of some seem to emphasize entertainment, as opposed to instructional goals. This is especially true for CBT delivered on CD-ROM. Other eLearning material seems to be simply online text books, which can become extremely boring to use.

The Kurtus Technologies approach to eLearning is to first make the information is explained in a clear fashion or is presented such that the student himself explains the material. Interaction and participation keeps interest and enhances learning.


It is in a company's best interest to provide training for its employees. eLearning is an effective method to achieve that goal, both concerning cost and time for training considerations.

Provide value to your customers, suppliers and workers.

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