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Feedback Q&A on eLearning

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 36 comments and questions on eLearning issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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When to Use eLearning eLearning for the hospitality industry Jamaica
General Whether multiple choice answers are the best USA
Blended Training Developing a plan for distance learning class India
Authoring Tools Seeking informaiton on authoring tools Jamaica
Purpose How practical is constructivist teaching approach? USA
Authoring Tools Using FlashForm for e-learning USA
Development Steps Didn't see any mention of writing objectives USA
Resources How do I start an e-learning project? INDIA
JavaScript for WBT Wants to search Intranet for files Palestinian Authority
Definition Is Trump University an example of eLearning? USA

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eLearning for the hospitality industry

Topic: When to Use eLearning


August 8, 2013

Need additional information on e-learning for the hospitality industry.

Karen - Jamaica



Using e-learning in the hospitality industry is a good way to train personnel without using the classroom. Although it is possible to develop your own e-learning, it is often better to use existing courses.

Some examples include: Hospitality e-learning and LMS solutions and Hospitality eLearning Courses.

I hope that helps.

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Whether multiple choice answers are the best

Topic: General


January 20, 2011

I recently found your site and think it's very informative. I wanted to ask you about the type of words you use when writing objectives for WBT. In your article on Using Multiple Choice in elearning , CBT, or WBT (revised 19 July 2000), you mention that "In eLearning, CBT or WBT, there are limitations on the types of answers that can be processed on the computer. Thus questions with multiple choice or true/false answers are usually used in e-Leaning".
MY QUESTION is this: because these are the only type of questions (assessments) for WBT and CBT, are there specific words that can or should not be used when writing the learning objectives for the course? Specifically, I am interested in your opinion about using the following words in the learning objectives for WBT and CBT: explain, describe, discuss, define. You really can't do those things in the computer format, or can you? My colleagues and I are disagreeing and we need an objective expert source to weigh in. Thank you.

Larry - USA



When the student or learner must give a specific answer, such as in true-false or multiple choice questions, the computer program can easily mark the answers right or wrong and then calculate a score for the test.

However, in subject matters where the questions include "explain, describe, discuss, define, etc." it is the instructor who must evaluate and weigh the answer to give it grade. There really aren't any good software applications to evaluate that type of answer.

One alternative is to use multiply choice and write out possible answers to questions in several sentences. For example: "Which is the best explanation for why people use email?" Then state several possible explanations.

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Developing a plan for distance learning class

Topic: Blended Training


August 7, 2010

Good evening
i just want to make a project(develop a plan for creation of a distance learning program).
what resources,strategy and evidence of accomplishment should be correct?

ashish - India



You device a distance learning program similar to a classroom program. First, you must have a subject to teach. Then you need to state the outcomes of what the students will learn in the class. Provided you know the course material or have a subject matter expert to help, you can then create a final exam that will verify the students reach the objectives of outcome of the class.

Once you have documented the course material and exam, you can consider the delivery medium. If it will be presented online, you must answer some questions: Will you only have web pages? Will you have videos with the web pages? Is special software needed? Will there be added telephone discussions? How will the homework be graded?

I hope this gives you a start on developing your project.

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Seeking informaiton on authoring tools

Topic: Authoring Tools


February 9, 2010

This day i was visiting your sites and i am seeking information. I am doing a project for a course at a prominent teachers' college in Jamaica and I am seeking some information on the various types on web based authoring tools available. I awaite your response and thank you in advance.

Keniel - Jamaica



The most popular e-learning authoring tools come from Adobe. See:

Although they are the industry standard, they are also expensive.

An interesting tool from Russia is CourseLab. It is a free authoring tool at:

Articulate is another tool, but it is also expensive:

Many simple web-based training can be done with PowerPoint. You can also use JavaScript on a web page.

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How practical is constructivist teaching approach?

Topic: Purpose


February 12, 2009

How practical is constructivist teaching approach in an online learning environment? That is; What indicator can you use to ensure that all learners are engaged actively in the learning process?

David - USA



The constructivism approach follows that students fit new information with what they already know. Online learning that provide interaction, as opposed to simply providing interaction, can help students assimilate and fit knowledge into their attitudes and beliefs.

The e-learning developer or instructional designer should have researched the cross section of the learning audience in order to provide the information in a form that relates to the students, as well as to include interactive exercises and demonstrations that will engage the students.

As with any educational and training process, either in class or online, there are going to be students who don't care or who don't catch on. Tests or quizzes are usually given to monitor progress. But if the material is presented in a way that the students can relate to, then the percentage of students passing the tests will be high.

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Using FlashForm for e-learning

Topic: Authoring Tools


December 29, 2006

Could you tell me about a product I have run across? It is called FlashForm and it looks really easy to use, but I don't see it mentioned on your site. The company web site is It uses Flash as it's base, but it is based on filling out forms, so it is much easier. Any thoughts would be appreciated.




It depends if you are comfortable in creating e-learning by filling out forms. Since they have a free trial, you might download it to try to input some of your training material.

Adobe Captivate ($599) works the same way, but also captures screen movement for simulating training on software applications. I tend to prefer "name brands" since often smaller companies "go away" and no longer exist. But the price difference $399 vs $599 can be a big factor.

Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver has a free Coursebuilder add-on that allow testing, if you are doing web-based e-learning.

I haven't tried FlashForm, but from the demo, it looked like a fairly good program. If you look into it further, let me know what you think.

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Didn't see any mention of writing objectives

Topic: Development Steps


September 18, 2006

Just curious, I didn't see any mention of writing objectives. Shouldn't that come before developing content?

Barbara - USA



Thanks for your feedback.

We have a brief mention of writing objectives in Initial Considerations at

But I agree that more material is needed on objectives. We are in the process of updating the section on e-learning, especially since some of the tools mentioned are outdated.

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How do I start an e-learning project?

Topic: Resources


November 17, 2005

Dear sir,

Iam the manager of a prestigious organization,C-DIT.Iam assigned to develop 3 elearning softwares in educational area.Can you advice me to how to start the project in a planned manner and estimate the cost and time.

Thank you

unnikrishna - INDIA



See the lesson on "Initial Considerations Before Designing e-Learning" at:

Some of the other e-Learning lessons will give you information on estimates and such.

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Wants to search Intranet for files

Topic: JavaScript for WBT


July 5, 2005

Dear Sir,
i am working on developing an intranet for a company, and i want to add something which enable the users inside that company to search for some file like a PDF file through the intranet server.

i want a text field to enter the intended file or some other types of files and then the code which i need will search for that file through the intranet.

important note: the intranet is built on JSP with connection with the companiy data base.
your sincerelly

Osama - Palestinian Authority



A possible solution is a search engine from Google. On our website, we have a search feature for all the files in the site. Google also is offering a search engine that would work on a PC and I believe also over an Intranet. Microsoft is also coming out with such a search capability.

Another solution is if your Intranet was database driven. Then ColdFusion, ASP.NET or PHP could be used for the search.

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Is Trump University an example of eLearning?

Topic: Definition


June 4, 2005

Is Trump University an example of eLearning? What do you think of Donald Trump's new entrance into the education field? With his name recognition, is success guaranteed?

Marjorie - USA



Trump University has online courses and is an example of eLearning. Donald Trump is a clever businessman and sees the opportunity to leverage the popularity of his name to get into the lucrative eLearning business. He has good business-savvy and it looks like he gathered a solid group of advisors. The material is not inexpensive, but I am sure he will be successful simply as a result of his name recognition. Of course, if the lessons are the "same old thing" and without true substance, the university may just be a fad.

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