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by Ron Kurtus (revised 25 August 2016)

Resources for learning more about developing eLearning, Computer Based Training (CBT) or Web-Based Training (WBT) or about purchasing tools and services include informational web sites, books, courses, tools and commercial vendors.

(Also see Online Courses for more resources.)

Use these resources to help your understanding of the material.


These sites list various eLearning resources and online educational organizations.

Online Education Information Center - Online education offers the rewards of a traditional degree with the flexibility of creating your own schedule. Extensive information center lists universities that fit your needs.

Online Degrees & Online Education Information Center - Find an accredited online university where you can earn an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree. - Listing of degrees available through the University of Phoenix online school

Online Degree Enlightenment - Listing of schools offering online degrees in various areas - Directory of continuing education programs in art, business, technology, legal studies, technician, medical & dental, media arts and architectural studies.

Online Degrees and Scholarships - Listing of schools offering degrees, aid and scholarships.

eLecta Live - A real-time virtual classroom environment designed for distance learning and collaboration in academic institutions

College-Universities - Online Accredited College - Search online for accredited schools and scholarships

CBT Cafe - Computer-Based Training design tutorials


The following books are resources on WBT. You can purchase them through or from your local bookstore.

Designing Web-Based Training by William K. Horton, John Wiley & Sons, 2000 ($35.99)
Horton's books always emphasize the importance of the user interface.

eLearning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Mayer, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer; (2002) $40.00
Information and guidelines for selecting, designing, and developing e-learning courses that build knowledge and skills for workers learning in corporate, government, and academic settings.

E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age by Marc J. Rosenberg, McGraw-Hill Trade; 1st edition (2000) $29.95
Written for professionals responsible for workplace learning, the book shows a broad, strategic perspective on corporate learning.

Multimedia-Based Instructional Design: Computer-Based Training, Web-Based Training, and Distance Learning by William W. Lee and Diana L. Owens Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer (2000) $62.00
A book/CD-ROM package on how to design and develop computer-based training, demonstrating that the same instructional design process can be used for all media.

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups: Essentials of Web-Based Education by Donald E. Hanna, Michelle Glowacki-Dudka and, Simone Conceicao-Runlee, Atwood Publishing (2000) $12.50
Distance educators provide acomprehensive collection of strategies for teaching effectively online.

E-learning Tools and Technologies: A consumer's guide for trainers, teachers, educators, and instructional designers by William Horton and Katherine Horton, John Wiley & Sons (2003) $40.00
A comprehensive guide to determine the best E-Learning tools and vendors for your specific needs.

Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning by Michael W. Allen, John Wiley & Sons (2002) $29.95
Highly rated book for the aspiring eLearning developer, providing theory, logic and science of good eLearning design.

Web-Based Training: Designing eLearning Experiences by Margaret Driscoll, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer (2002) $48.00
CD-ROM and a book that blends history, advice, and insight into a tool that can be used either as an introduction to Web-based training or as a field guide for training developer.

Evaluating E-Learning by William Horton, American Society for Training & Development (2006) $38.95
Designed to answer some of the most fundamental questions surrounding e-learning.

The ASTD eLearning Handbook: Best Practices, Strategies, and Case Studies for an Emerging Field by Allison Rossett, McGraw-Hill Trade (2001) $49.95
Articles and reference information covering eLearning best practices and reviews of the literature.

Top-rated books on eLearning

(If you have other books to recommend, let me know about them.)

Commercial vendors

The following companies provide WBT and CBT products and services. I have only mildly investigated them, so I cannot vouch for their abilities. If you can provide feedback on any of them, I would be glad to post that information.

Authoring tools and systems

Adobe - Sells authoring software. Authorware is the industry standard for CBT development and can also be used for WBT with their streaming technology. Coursebuilder is used with their Dreamweaver product for developing WBT applications, using JavaScript.

SumTotal - Sell Toolbook application, once a top CBT application

Training management seems to be a means for instructors to put their course material or resources online. They have a good listing of courses, but most seem to be private for a given school. is owned by Inc. I am not sure who is sponsoring what they are doing.



This is a partial listing of eLearning resources. This page will be updated as new resources are found.

Use every resource possible to enhance your learning

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