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Understanding Electro-Optics

by Ron Kurtus

Electro-Optics is an extension of the Physics field of Optics. It is the study of the components, devices and systems which operate by modification of the optical properties of a material by an electric field. The integration of electro-optical devices, their electronics and the associated mechanic devices is called Electro-Optical Systems Engineering.

There is a great need for people who understand electro-optical principles and know how to think logically about the subject, as well as engineers versed in combining the various elements into working systems. Your knowledge and skills in this areas can help you excel in school, advance your career or improve your business.

The purpose of these free online lessons is to give you a start at improving your knowledge of electro-optical systems engineering. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Electro-Optical Contents

Basic principles

Basics of Optics

Basics of Electro-Optics


Systems engineering

Electro-Optics in TOW Anti-Tank Missile System (coming soon)


Electro-Optics Resources

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