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Feedback Q&A on Electro-Optics

by Ron Kurtus

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General Fields of study for elecrto-optical engineering Ethiopia
General Colleges offering PhD in Electro-Optics USA

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Fields of study for elecrto-optical engineering

Topic: General


May 26, 2015

Hey sirs, madams good day to you.
I wana to know more of about what specific fields of study are there under elector-optical engineering
and pleas give me explanations about each sub-fields.
Thank U

Assamen - Ethiopia



Electro-optical engineering requires knowledge of General Physics, Optics, Mathematics, and various Engineering topics.

In Electro-optical engineering, you may work with optical devices, electrical sources of various types of radiation, and detectors of that radiation. For example, you may need to create infrared radiation and have IR lenses to focus the light, and then be able to detect it.

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Colleges offering PhD in Electro-Optics

Topic: General


November 23, 2014

To whom it concerns
First and foremost, what you explained was really helpful to me. I have been trying to find the PhD programs in electro-optics in the US; however, I have not been successful detecting them. I got to find just a few of them. I need help in finding universities or institutes where I can attend PhD program in electro-optics. It is also good to note that I have a bachelor's degree in physics

Ramin - USA



Some U.S. schools that offer advanced degrees in Electro-Optics include:

University of Dayton (Ohio) Electro-Optical Graduate Program and University of Rochester (NY) Institute of Optics.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in gaining your PhD.

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