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Science Projects and Experiments

by Ron Kurtus (updated 25 March 2023)

A science project consists of performing an experiment, testing a theory or demonstrating a principle, and then following it up with a report and presentation.

Many students—and even scientists—would like to succeed in doing a science project, but there are often are challenges and obstacles in the way to reaching that goal. Science projects require that you understand scientific methodology. You need to have any ideas of where to start in developing a project. And finally—if entering in a competition—you need the skills to present your project in a way that will improve your chances of winning.

The purpose of these lessons is to give you a start at improving your skills in science projects, as well as to give you tips performing experiments.

Experiments Contents

Project preparation

Science Project Definition

Parts of a Science Project

Factors in Getting an Idea for a Science Project

Behavior experiments

Determine Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

Biology experiments

Control Growth of Mold on Bread

Chemistry experiments

Coming soon

Physics experiments


Overview of Experiments with Fluids

Measure Volume of Irregularly Shaped Object

Show Weight in Water is Less than in Air

Compare the Density of Different Liquids

Relationship Between Water Pressure and Depth

Relationship Between Spigot Size and Fluid Velocity


Overview of Experiments with Friction

Measure Coefficient of Friction with a Scale

Measure Coefficient of Friction with a Ramp


Coming soon

Static Electricity

Overview of Static Electricity Experiments

Causing a Balloon to Stick to Things

Electrical Attraction of a Comb

Bending Flowing Water

Control Static Cling

Make an Electroscope

Creating Sparks


Make an Electromagnet

States of Matter

Overview of States of Matter Experiments

Relationship of Temperature and Changing State

Use Mpemba Effect to Freeze Hot Water


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