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Behavior Experiment: Determine Possible Reasons Some Students Get Poor Grades

by Ron Kurtus (updated 21 November 2022)

Perhaps you have noticed the number of students that are getting poor grades. This may get you curious as to reasons that they are getting such poor grades. Is it the teacher? Is it their environment? Is it their belief system? Or is there some other factor involved?

This can be an idea for a science project in the area of human behavior. You could take a survey of students, teachers, and even parents to get their opinions on why some students get poor grades. You would then tabulate the results to display.

You might be able to interview a number of students that have poor grades, as well as their friends, family and teachers, in order to keep to determine common factors.

(For more information, see Behavior lessons.)

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Purpose of project

The purpose of this science project experiment is to gather opinions on possible reasons that some students get poor grades.

This will allow you to make suggestions of ways to solve this problem.

Research and factors

Do some research on why students get poor grades. Information could be found in education and psychology journals. Often there are magazine articles that provide opinions on this subject. List the information and your resources in your log book.

Possible reasons include:


Your experiment can start by taking a survey of students and teachers to get their opinions on what are the major reasons some students get poor grades.

Hand out a check-off sheet with a listing of reasons. Perhaps add space for other suggested reasons.

If this is going to be an experiment for a science fair, you will need to record your activities in a log book.

Record opinions

Add up the responses for each possible reason on a single spreadsheet. You might make a bar chart to show relative responses.

Draw conclusions

You can compare all the factors to see which ones are prevalent. Social and behavior studies often do not lead to distinct solutions. Your conclusions should be stated as applying to the group that you studied in your particular location.

Write report

Write up a report to summarize your results and your proposed solution to the problem.


You can try to find out reasons some students get poor grades by taking a survey of classmates and teachers. This can be an idea for a science project in the area of human behavior. Then summarize the results of the survey to show the opinions of this particular group of people.

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