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Motivations for Writing Fiction

by Ron Kurtus (24 March 2022)

You may have various motivations or reasons why you want to write a fictional story.

A major reason is because you love to write and express your thoughts in writing. You may also seek to gain recognition and want to see your name and story in print. Finally, you may have a desire to sell your works and make some money from your writing.

Also, writing stories may be a school requirement in a Fiction Writing Class.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.


The number one motivation for writing is the drive to express yourself in the written word. Most writers have a passion for writing. Many consider themselves wordsmiths, since they love words.

You may also have a story you want to tell. You have something to say, and writing is your outlet.


Seeing your work in print, along with your byline is a kick. It proves that you are a real writer. But also, having someone tell you that he had read your work is the type of recognition that drives many writers to spend the long hours writing and re-writing a story.


You may see articles about novelists getting million dollar advances for their books or how author J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter is richer than the Queen of England. This may be inspiring, but in reality very, very few writers make that type of money. But still, getting paid for writing is a major goal of many writers. At the very least, it is verification of your value as a writer.


Reasons to become a published fiction writer include the fact that you love to write and express your thoughts in writing, you want to see your name and story in print, and you would like to make some money from your writing. Also, it may be part of a school assignment.

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