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Simple Plot and Random Story Generator

by Ron Kurtus

Fictional stories usually have a distinct plot or general summary of what happens in the story. A given plot structure can result in a number of different stories, depending on the specific characters, locations and activities.

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Simple plot

In a typical plot, there is the protagonist—the hero or heroine of the story—and the antagonist or villain. There is also often a bystander or victim of the villain.

Consider the following very simple plot:

  1. A person sees a villain do something bad to an innocent bystander. This is a problem, dilemma or conflict for the person.
  2. He or she tries to stop the villain, but the villain seems to escape. This is a point of tension, because of the possibility of failure.
  3. The protagonist then makes a valiant effort and catches the villain.
  4. The victim is grateful and rewards the protagonist.

By changing names, descriptions and actions, you can write a variety of stories for this simple plot.

Story examples

The following story is randomly generated to illustrate this point. In some respects the generated story is a little silly, but it should get the point across.

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