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3D in Flash

by Ron Kurtus (revised 23 July 2002)

Vector drawings created in Adobe Flash are primarily flat and in 2 dimensions. Basic gradients can be applied to some objects to give them the look of 3 dimensions, but in essence Flash is a 2D application.

There are some tools that will create simple Flash animations in 3 dimensions, as well as Web sites devoted to 3D Flash.

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What 3D is about

Flat drawings are acceptable on the Web, but an object with depth certainly look more realistic. This is especially true and necessary in advertising and game applications.

3D car looks more realistic

3D car looks more realistic

Animations in 3D can be as simple as rotations or may be having the object simulate reality.


Software available for developing 3D Flash images, include:

Insane Tools 3D Flash Animator - $49.95 - A simple Flash animator with basic 3D drawing tools. Trial version available.

Electric Rain Swift3D - $159 - 3D vector drawing tool that produces Flash files. Can do some animation in 3D.


Websites specializing in 3D Flash include: - 3D Animation development articles from Adobe - Listing of resources


3D in Flash is a real possibility that can add value to some animations, especially in marketing and games.

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