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Feedback Q&A on Using Flash

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 22 comments and questions on Using Flash issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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3D New to Flash and want to do 3D india
General Problems in learning Flash Brazil
Concepts Movie keeps playing RSA
Swish Do movies play on every computer? USA
Simple Animations Wants free lessons USA
Planning How to create a flash animation movie USA
General Wants to do Flash animations USA
Interactive Buttons Having trouble making a button
Simple Animations How to do it
Director Using quiz in Director

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New to Flash and want to do 3D

Topic: 3D


April 15, 2005

i am very new to Falsh environment.....and i like to do some projects using 3D...what is the procedure to implement the 3D effects and animations.....if your answer is very long please send me the corresponding website to me..
Thank you...

Vasanth - india



3D is difficult to do. You can simulate it with Flash, but usually other software like Swift 3D is used. You can try the software listed on our page at as a starter.

Also try to see some 3D tutorials.

Best wishes in your efforts.

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Problems in learning Flash

Topic: General


October 31, 2004

I am in Brazil. I've been trying to learn programming using Flash. My main problem is to stablish differences between tools and resources. The main reason is I can't find definition of concepts. Another reason is Macromedia is modifying the layout that turn most existing literature obsolete. I couldn't find the difference between Movie Clip and Animated Graph

Ernesto - Brazil



One good source for Flash information and tutorials is at

You can also try for information.

Certainly, do not give up on They have much archived information.
Also check to find user groups in Brazil. They are a good source for information.

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Movie keeps playing

Topic: Concepts


September 1, 2004

Hi, whenever i create a document in flash whaether it be a presentaion or movie, i add my content & buttons. When I test the movie it plays all the scenes without letting me actually choose a button, although you can press the button when designing the application & they work. There is no help that i can find on this in flash. I can do the other things like moving graphics & effects & that sort, but i can't fix this play problem.

Philip - RSA



There are a few things to do, depending on your configuration.

One thing is to add "stop();" as an Action in a Keyfame in your movie. Click on a layer, and go to the Action panel to type in stop().

You might have to experiment on where to add stop().

You can also unclick Loop in your Publish Settings, but that probably won't affect your test.

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Do movies play on every computer?

Topic: Swish


July 31, 2004

i want my flash or swish movie to open up in front can i do this?
does the flash or a swish movie plays on every computer?




You need to have the free Flash player installed on your computer for the movies to play. You can download that from

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Wants free lessons

Topic: Simple Animations


July 15, 2004

if you can tell me where to find more lessons especially free let me know ,till I can find a good job I can only rely on free bees thanks

Massell - USA



Try and

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How to create a flash animation movie

Topic: Planning


April 15, 2004

could you reply back, in how to create a flash animation movie step by step criteria, example target audiences, design development and so forth

cherry - USA



You might check and for good tutorials of how to create Flash animations. I hope that helps.

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Wants to do Flash animations

Topic: General


February 12, 2004

I am drowing illustrations, and want make them animations. How can I learn macromedia flash online?

selda - USA


Answer may help you. There are other Flash pages, as well as references to other tutorials. Best wishes.

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Having trouble making a button

Topic: Interactive Buttons


February 5, 2004

hey!! was working with flash after a while...and got stuck with the "buttons". now the problem i am facing is.. after going to new symbol...and i write the name choose behaviour as i get the up, over, down, hit as soon as i get the button symbol from the library and place it in "up" and then when i go to "over" the button is ALREADY THERE. i first thought may be that's the way it should be..but coz of this reason when everything i have done and then when i say edit is not a button yet...
please explain this to me and tell me where am i going wrong.....thanx




You can use ready-made buttons from the Common Library. Just drag one onto your stage, and it is ready to use. Click on the button and add an Action to make it do something.

It sounds like you were able to make a button OK. Then you go back to Scene 1 and drag the button to the stage from the Library. When you test the movie (Ctrl-Enter) the button should work as designed.

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How to do it

Topic: Simple Animations


January 11, 2004

I would like to create the simple Flash like the moving circle, but it not works.
I use stage, circle (tool), insert frame, time ( 20), ...
Please shows me the simple flash that i can follow to make the picture (circle) moving.

Hong -



Try this:
1. Draw the circle or other figure.
2. At some frame like 20, from the menu: insert > frame.
3. Then click on frame 20 and from the menu: insert > create motion tween.
4. Click on the pointer or arrow tool and then drag the circle to the new position.
5. Press Ctrl+Enter to see the animation.

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Using quiz in Director

Topic: Director


November 13, 2003

i'd like to know whether director mx can generate marks (overall) in a quiz.

e.g: there are 10 questions in a quiz. how would we know that how many questions that we answer correct? can we do it with director mx? how?

rheta -



I'm sure you can do it. Macromedia may already have components to do that. Check and then go to Developers > Exchange. Also, you can check with the author of the article at

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