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Creating a New Document in FrameMaker

by Ron Kurtus (14 November 2006)

There are several choices for creating a new document in Adobe FrameMaker. You can create a blank document, create one from one of FrameMaker's standard templates, or create a document using one of your own existing documents as a template. Once the document is created, you can make adjustments to the layout and master pages, as well as changes to the characters and paragraph settings.

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Create new document

You start the process by selecting File > New > Document from the menu bar, entering Ctrl+n or by clicking on the Document icon.

Create new document from menu bar

Create new document from menu bar

Create new document from icon

Create new document from icon

Choose type of new document

The New dialog window opens, allowing you to Use Blank Paper, select a template, or use a file as a template. You can also explore or examine templates in the Template folder. You can use FrameMaker's standard templates, download other templates or use your own custom templates. Even an existing document can be used as a template.

Use blank document

If you want to start from scratch and define your own template, you can open a blank document.

You can select Portrait, Landscape or Custom. Portrait and Landscape will give you a standard 8 inches by 11.5 inches (U.S.) blank page in the proper orientation. Custom allows you to select the paper size, margins and a few other items.

The new page has the default FrameMaker paragraph styles as well as standard margins. If you go to View > Master Pages, you will see there is also a Header and Footer available on the page.

Use standard template

Standard FrameMaker templates that come with the program include Business letters, Reports, and Outlines. You can examine these templates by clicking on the Explore Standard Templates button.

You can also download added templates from Adobe or purchase them from various vendors. You can include these templates in the Template folder, but they are not included in Explore Standard Templates.

Use custom template

A template that you define can be added to the Template folder or can be opened from the New dialog box.

Format per specification

You can accept the default settings or format your document per your specification. Typically, you start with Page Layout, then look at Master Pages. Finally, you format your paragraph settings and then your table and character settings.


You can create a new document in Adobe FrameMaker as a blank document, create one from one of FrameMaker's standard templates, or create a document using one of your own existing documents as a template.

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