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Getting Good Grades

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 March 2023)

Do you dream of getting good grades in school but also want to have enough time for fun? Many students have such goals, but there are often obstacles to overcome and challenges to meet.

Doing well in school not only requires that you understand the subject matter, but also that you are able to perform in tests and have a good relationship with your teachers.

Go through these free online lessons. They will help you get more out of your school experience. The goal of this course is to design champions. We want to see you become a leader, a winner, a success in school and in life.

Grades Contents


Overview of Getting Good Grades

Seeking good grades

Reasons to Seek Good Grades

Factors in Determining Your Grades

Having Fun in School

Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

Avoid Getting Failing Grades

Cheating to Get a Better Grade

Absorbing information

Taking Notes in Class

Taking Notes with Graphical Outlines

Texting During Class

Learn From Observing Others

Learn by Teaching Others

Dealing with teachers

When the Teacher is a Jerk

Getting a Good Teacher

Class Participation Improves Your Grades

Doing your homework

Purpose of Homework

Zip Through Your Homework

Getting Your Homework Done

Doing Homework with Friends

Plagiarism Can Lower Your Grade

Using important skills

Special Homework Skills

Reading Faster

Writing Clearly

Speak to Your Class with Confidence

Researching Information

Knowing how to take tests

Be Good at Taking Tests

Practice Taking Tests

Preparing to Take a Test

Mental Process in Preparing for a Test

Avoid Goofing Up Tests

Preparing for the Final Exams

Overcoming problems in school

Being Bullied in School Can Affect Your Grades

Protecting Your Books from Thieves

Characteristics of Hyperactive Students

Harness Your Hyperactivity

Having champion attitudes

Become a Champion Student

Three Levels of a Champion Student

Importance of Being Healthy

Importance of Being Knowledgeable

Importance of Striving for Excellence

Importance of Being Valuable

Importance of Good Character in School

Tools to help your grades

Speech Writing Aid

Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

Getting an Educational Discount on Software


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Resources for Good Grades

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Let's make the world a better place

Be the best that you can be.

Use your knowledge and skills to help others succeed.

Don't be wasteful; protect our environment.

You CAN influence the world.

Live Your Life as a Champion:

Take care of your health

Seek knowledge and gain skills

Do excellent work

Be valuable to others

Have utmost character

Be a Champion!

The School for Champions helps you become the type of person who can be called a Champion.