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Become a Champion Student

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Do you want to become a champion student—one of the top-ranked students in your class or even school? Or would you like to feel like a champion in that you overcame obstacles and performed at your best?

In either case, it takes a special effort to be or feel great.

One thing you need to do is to find something you really want to achieve. Then be methodical in seeking that goal. Once you achieve your goal, celebrate and reap the rewards.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Setting your goal

Is there something you really want or need to get or do?

When there is something that you really want that will give you pleasure or enjoyment, you can set that as a goal. You might want to make some money, so you could buy a new iPad. Or you could seek to earn a straight-A average, so you will receive a college scholarship.

Other goals concern things you have to do or problems you need to resolve. If you had a test tomorrow, your goal would be to study enough to pass the test. If you were attacked by a giant bear, your goal would be to get away to safety.

Set a goal of getting what you want, doing what you want to do, or solving a problem that needs to be resolved. Be very clear and specific about your goal. It is good to write it down and set a deadline as a way to make it real and move you to achieving your goal.

Consider the requirements or obstacles you may have to overcome to achieve your goal. For example, if you need to hand in a term paper, you must do research and write out the material, while having to cope with other school assignments and an upcoming deadline.

Seek to achieve your goal

Whatever your goal, you need a plan of action or means to achieve that goal. Getting the idea of how to achieve the goal can be difficult, and you may try a number of ideas and plans until you find the one that works.

Students typically want to get good grades in their classes. Some may have a plan to study late at night, while others may only do the minimum. As you get feedback on your results, you can make adjustments to your plan.

Get some support

Although you can do things completely by yourself, it is always good to include others in your effort. They may be able to provide some help, advice or simply root for your success.


You want support, but you don't want meddling. Some students don't like to tell their parents they have some goal, because often the parents will try to take over and give unwanted help or advice. It is nice to get someone to root for you but not to play the game for you. Thus, you need to use judgment concerning to whom you tell your goals.


In school, it is not a bad idea to let your teacher know you are trying to get good grades in the class as a goal. It helps to have the support of the teacher. But also, the teacher will try to keep you from backsliding and goofing off. If you do tell the teacher that you are working to get good grades in the class, you had better follow through with your goal.


Your friends can help you achieve your goal, too.

Sally B. needed to get a good grade in the Chemistry exam so that her parents would let her get a driver's license. Her plan was to first study her notes and then work with her friend Jason to quiz each other on important points that might be in the exam.

Sally got a B+ on the exam and Jason got a B. Sally's parents then sent her to a driving school, so she could get her license.

Have a champion attitude

You need to have the attitude of a champion to help you achieve your goal. You need motivation, confidence and energy before you begin. Once you implement your plans, you need to strive for excellence and good character to assure your complete success.


You need to be motivated to do something. The rewards or benefits you seek, as compared to the work required are your motivations.


You need to be confident that you can perform the tasks required to achieve your goal and get what you want. Confidence comes from learning what to do and how to do it, and then having some success in applying your skills.

If you practice taking tests, until you are relaxed and feel skilled in that task, you will have more confidence when taking your final exams.


Inertia often keeps a person from starting a task, especially if the task is difficult or unpleasant. You need energy to get going and to keep going. Motivation and confidence help build that energy. Good physical and mental health is also important. You can be motivated all you want, but if your mind isn't clear and your body is tired, you won't be able to do much.


When you buy something, you want quality goods. Likewise, when you do something, you should do excellent work. When you do a good job, step back and take a look at it with pride. It is a good feeling to have pride in your work. That means you have pride in yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say, "Good job."


Determination, courage, and perseverance are admirable character traits that will help you achieve your goals and succeed.

Just do it

As the Nike commercial says: "Just Do It." Implement your plan and seek to achieve your goal.

Celebrate your achievement

Once you achieve your goal, celebrate your achievement. This makes you feel great—like a champion.

If you fall short

However, goals are seldom achieved with one effort. If you fail or have a setback, it may be necessary to re-evaluate your plan, make adjustments and continue or give your plan another try.

Giving back

Once you have achieved your goal, celebrated your success and reaped the benefits of your rewards, you should step back and give thanks for your good fortune. A good way to do that is to give back by helping others succeed. This could be to help the needy, help some fellow students or even volunteer to help your mother with some task.

Helping others is championing a cause and makes you a true champion.


By achieving a difficult goal or overcoming problems, you feel like a champion. Set goals for everything you do. You should write down the goal if it is a difficult goal. Once you set a goal of what you want to do or obtain, you make plans, get support, have a champion attitude, go for it, and celebrate or re-evaluate. Afterwards, give thanks and give back.

You CAN be a champion

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