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Having Fun in School

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Some students just hate to go to school. They make excuses and may often skip out. The problem is that they don't realize they can have fun in school.

A great thing about school is that you can get together with friends, especially those who may live in a different neighborhood than you. Another enjoyable thing in school is getting involved in extra-curricular activities. Even learning can be fun, if you have the right perspective.

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Meet with friends

Most of your friends probably go to the same school as you do. Going to school is a chance to get together with those friends. You can talk and kid around between classes and during free time.

Kim's parents sent her to a private school some distance from where they lived. None of her friends in the neighborhood went there.

However, she did have a separate group of friends at school. It was fun to see them after summer vacation, so that each could bring the others up-to-date of what had happened over the summer.

After school

Besides have fun in school, you also want to have fun after school. This includes extra-curricular activities and doing your homework.


Most schools have clubs, organizations, and other extra-curricular activities in which to get involved. If you have some special area of interest, such activities are a great way to have some added fun.

Abdul didn't really fit in with most of the kids on his classes. He usually walked alone in between classes and didn't talk to anyone. Perhaps it was because most of the students considered him a "geek" or something like that.

But then Adbul joined the school Chess Club, which met right after school. Suddenly, he was with like-minded students. He looked forward to getting together for games. Plus, he made some new friends.


Although you primarily do your homework after school, it is still part of your school experience.

Homework can take up your free time. The best thing to do is to get a routine where you do your homework effectively and efficiently, so that you have more time for other things. Putting off your assignments or trying to do multiple things while studying just makes homework time take much longer.

My philosophy is to do your homework in the most efficient and effective way possible. Some students spend too much time on their homework, primarily because they allow interruptions. Others procrastinate and put off doing it until the last minute.

Doing your homework effectively gives you extra time to have fun afterwards.


Learning can be fun. It may be difficult to understand some concepts or to remember certain facts, but once you've mastered the task, it feels good.

Sarah was studying Chinese and found it very difficult.

However, when some students visiting from China came to her school, she was proud of the fact that she could communicate with them.

You feel much better about yourself when you know things that have been taught in class. Also, you can bring in other knowledge that you've learned elsewhere.


Instead of hating to go to school, you should realize you can have fun in school.

You can get together with friends, and you can get involved in extra-curricular activities. Even learning can be fun, if you have the right perspective.

Enjoy life

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