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Importance of Being Healthy

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Being healthy means that your body and mind function as they are supposed to.

In your role as a student, it is important that you are both physically and emotionally healthy. You can't do a good job in school, if you don't feel well. Being healthy makes you feel good and allows you to perform more effectively.

You can maintain your health by taking care of yourself and avoiding toxic situations.

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Good health

Health concerns both physical and emotional well-being.

Physical health

Being physically healthy means that your body is functioning as it should, without pain, discomfort, or lack of capabilities.

Causes of ill health include injuries, disease, diet, stress and genetics. Also, poor cleanliness habits can result in illness or skin ailments.

Emotional health

Being emotionally or mentally healthy means that your mind and emotions are functioning as they should, without anxiety, depression or other malfunctions.

Causes of mental ill health include physical disease, stress, genetics and mental abuse.

Sasha felt she was being constantly and unfairly criticized by her teacher. This affected her emotional well-being, such that she hated to go to school.

Also, sometimes depression is caused by chemical changes in your body.

Importance and benefits of good health

Having good health is important and beneficial to you.

Good health is necessary to effectively do your schoolwork. You can't do well if you don't feel well.

Physical health

Being physically healthy is of prime importance in life. Being ill or not feeling well can drastically affect your ability to work or play.

Obviously, if you feel physically healthy, you can be more productive, as well as happier in school.

You want to exhibit vitality when you are in class in with your friends. You must look and be healthy.

Mental health

Emotional well-being is also important. Suffering stress, depression, anxiety or other mental or emotional ailments is not fun. You would like your whole life to be happy and satisfying. It is important to be emotionally healthy in order to study effectively.

In life

School is only one part of your life. You want to be able to enjoy all aspects of your life and to live a long, productive and enjoyable life. Being healthy will also allow you to gain knowledge and skills, do excellent work, be valuable to others, and be honorable to those with whom you deal.

Maintaining your health

You should take care of yourself in order to maintain your physical and mental health.

Physical health

Physical health starts with a good diet and includes sufficient exercise, as well a generally taking care of your health.

Exercise is good

Exercise is important not only for your health, but it also increases your energy and vitality. Exercise gives the type of subtle muscle tone that looks good to your fellow classmates.

An out-of-shape student does not have the same credibility or appeal as one who looks fit.

Drugs are not good

Although there is often peer pressure to smoke, drink alcohol, or even take drugs, realize that they can be harmful, especially if you are prone to addiction.

Learn to deal with problems

You should also know how to deal with illness or injury by appropriate health care.

Mental health

Maintaining mental or emotional health is not as specific as maintaining physical health.

Positive reinforcement is good

Positive reinforcement is a way to keep the right mental attitude, as opposed to thinking of things in negative terms. Try to be upbeat and acknowledge your achievements.

Cope with stress

You also want to avoid situations that cause excess stress, or if you are in such situations, to cope with it.

Giving a presentation in front of the class can be stressful, but excess worry is counterproductive. Good preparation and positive visualization can reduce the stress. Also, remember the adage: "Don't sweat the small stuff. Everything is small stuff."

Overreaction to criticism

Overreaction to criticism from teachers, parents or other kids can cause your stomach to churn. It is good to take such criticisms in stride, consider the source of the criticism, and try to appropriately improve.

Try to avoid negative situations

You should be aware of these problems and try to avoid negative situations. If you can't bear the negative atmosphere around you, seek to move on to a healthier emotional environment.


You want to function properly both physically and mentally or emotionally.

Unhealthy habits and stressful working conditions can affect your health, as well as your ability to study.

You should take care of your health and work environment, so that you can feel good and be productive.

Feel good every day

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