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Importance of Being Knowledgeable

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

In your role as a student, it is important that you are both knowledgeable in your subject matters and skilled in study techniques.

Your ability to study effectively is enhanced with knowledge and skill, resulting in better grades. Being able to understand things and perform tasks can make you feel confident and good about yourself.

You gain knowledge through study and skill through application of what you learned.

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Knowledge and skill

Being a knowledgeable student means you are well informed about subject matters and studying techniques.

Little knowledge makes bad impression

A student who has insufficient knowledge does not know what he or she is talking about and does not know how to succeed in school.

Mastering techniques

Being skilled in school means you have mastered study techniques and are able to do work and take tests in an effective manner.

Know more than one subject

Some students specialize in one or two subjects, to an extreme. If it is about science or computers, they are often called nerds. If it is only about sports, they are called jocks. My feeling is that it is good to be mildly knowledgeable about as many subjects as you can.

Importance and benefits

It is much easier to go to school if you thoroughly know the subject matter and are skilled in study techniques.

Embarrassed by lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge can result in anxiety and embarrassment. A knowledgeable student will usually get better grades.

Overcome challenges

A student who is skillful in study techniques will know how readily do homework and prepare for a test. A skilled student can often overcome a lack of knowledge through his or her studying ability.

Become confident

Confidence and esteem, plus better grades, are some of the rewards from being knowledgeable and skilled.

Become knowledgeable

You should make sure that you become knowledgeable and skilled.

Observe, study, and read

The way to gain knowledge in school is to observe, study, and read. Good students are known to be voracious readers. Being curious and interested in many things helps you to become knowledgeable about them.

Apply what you have learned

Applying what you have learned and also analyzing the results of your work are good ways to establish your skills.

Other needed factors

You need to be healthy and alert to be able to learn and gain skills. You also need to do excellent work, as well as to have character to become knowledgeable. Getting a reputation for your knowledge and skill can lead to becoming admired and valuable.


You should be both knowledgeable in your subject matters and skilled in study techniques. This will result in better grades, as well as making you feel confident and good about yourself. You gain knowledge through study and skill through application of what you learned.

Observe and learn

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