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Importance of Being Valuable in School

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Being valuable to others in school means that they can count on you to give useful information, to help solve problems, and doing other things that they appreciate.

Teachers find that students who provide a good example to the others are valuable in moving the class forward.

It is good to know what others want. You can achieve your goals by doing things others appreciate. It is worth your while to try to be valuable to those with whom you deal.

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Being valuable and liked by other students

When you help other students, they usually appreciate what you have done, as long as it is something they wanted.

By having the same interests as your friends and other students, you will be liked. If you do things outstanding, you may be admired. Some kids have the looks, personality or such that they are desired as a friend.

Kids who try too hard to be liked often are scorned. You need to know what interests the other students or find others who are interested in what you like.

The people you deal with have things they want in their relationship with you. What they want is similar to what you want and makes you feel good in the relationship.

Your friends and acquaintances enjoy to talk about things of interest, as well as to be involved in fun activities.

What others want

The people you deal with have things they want in their relationship with you. What they want is similar to what you want and makes you feel good in the relationship.

Teachers like helpful students

Teachers feel happy and satisfied if the students in their classes behave, pay attention, learn and do well in class. They also enjoy having a friendly relationship with their students.

By doing your assignments, behaving and trying to be a good student, your teachers will probably like you, feel you are important to their class and give you better grades.

Of course, trying too hard can backfire. Even teachers can see through the "apple-polisher" or person who patronizes the teacher in hopes of getting better grades.

Be aware of the teacher's needs, but yet be your own person.


A problem is that the other kids can dislike a student who plays up to the teacher too much. Sometimes talking back to the teachers and goofing-off in class can win the admiration of fellow classmates. They like someone who isn't afraid and rebels. The problem is that grades can suffer by that behavior.

It is good to try to keep your teacher happy to a degree, but don't do it so much that you alienate the other kids. A little rebellion is fine, but you also must make sure you don't screw up your grades.

Become valuable

You should take care of yourself to become valuable. A way to get the good feeling of being liked, admired, valuable and important is to provide others what they want. You can get what you want by helping others get what they want.


You want to be liked, admired, important and valuable in school. Others want the same thing. You achieve your goal by doing things others appreciate. It is worthwhile to try to be valuable to others.

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