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Learn From Observing Others

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Besides learning the subject matter in school, your goal is to also get good grades. Being smart helps, but knowing the techniques for getting good grades can allow you to even surpass those who have more natural ability than you.

By studying and observing what other students do—especially those who seem to be excelling in getting good grades—you can gain valuable information on how to do better in school.

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People who want to improve in some endeavor will often watch and observe others in order to learn techniques that can help them excel.

Athletes observe winners

Professional athletes often spend time watching videos of the top players to learn techniques they use and to see what special characteristics—beyond pure talent—that give them an edge.

Writers study great authors

Writers will read the works of great authors, not for the sake of being entertained, but to study the techniques used in presenting a good story in print.

Observe what good students do

Getting good grades requires special skills and techniques that are not generally taught. You can remain oblivious to these skills and just get by or you can try to give yourself an advantage in school.

One way to learn those techniques is by observing what good students and bad students do to get the grades they receive. You can learn from observing others.

Learn from the winners

Observe the students who are doing well in school, especially those who don't seem much smarter than you. Don't look at who they are. Rather, look at what they do.

Forget the class brain

One thing is not to bother observing the class brain, the rich kid or the person who is real good looking. They may be succeeding in school for reasons over which you have no control. You can't learn many lessons from them.

Good study habits

Instead, study the student who has certain study habits, who knows how to deal with the teacher, and who has confidence in his or her ability. You can learn the things these students are doing to succeed in school. Often they aren't the smartest or the hardest working, but they just seem to be able to excel.

Positive character traits

Being able to deal on a positive basis with the teacher is an invaluable skill. Some do it by being the "teacher's pet" and are hated by everyone else. Instead of imitating those students, look to those who have positive character traits that are appealing.

Learn from the losers

You can also learn from the students who are not doing well in school. Don't pick the kids who are not too bright or who have some learning disability. Their lack of getting good grades may not be their fault.

Ability, but bad attitudes

Rather, observe those who have the ability but who have bad attitudes, who have negative character traits, or who do things that cause them to get poor grades.

Study them. Then, don't do that!

Avoid those who hate school

You've seen the students who drag into class late, showing an attitude that they hate to be in class. You've seen the ones who wise-off to the teacher. And you know some who say they hate doing homework and don't bother with it.

They are good examples NOT to follow, since they usually get poor grades or—if they are talented—less than their potential.


A goal in school is to get good grades. Knowing the techniques for getting good grades can allow you to even surpass those who have more natural ability than you.

By studying and observing what other students do, you can gain valuable information on how to do better in school.

Observation skill is a true indication of intelligence

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