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Special Homework Skills

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Homework usually consists of reading material in your textbook and doing written assignments or solving problems to verify your understanding and enhance your retention of the material. Sometimes you must do outside research on a subject.

Thus, you want to be able to read the material rapidly, understand what you read and remember important points. Then you can answer questions, solve problems or write out reports. You should go through each area quickly and efficiently.

It is worthwhile to improve your skills and increase your effectiveness in these areas.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Read faster

Being able to read through your study material at a fast clip is a valuable skill to have in school. Thus, it is worthwhile to look into ways to increase your reading speed.

Methods to increase your reading speed include skim reading before you do serious reading and clumping words together instead of reading one word at a time. At the very least, simply concentrating on reading faster will help you improve your speed and comprehension.

(Check out the lesson on Reading Faster for detailed tips and methods.)

Understand what you read

Most textbook material consists of important points followed by details and examples. If the material is very difficult to read, you may have to read it over several times.

Use highlighter

Some students use a highlighter to mark what they feel are important points or sentences in the book. This defines the main items and is helpful when studying for a test.

I never liked to mark my books, in case I highlighted the wrong sentence. Also, it might make it difficult to sell the book at a later time.

Write out important points

I feel that writing out the important points works better, because you remember what you write, and you can add other comments or thoughts. Also, writing can help the understanding process.

Experiment to find what method works the best for you.

Improve your memory

People with what they call "photographic memories" are supposed to be able to remember everything they see or read. A good memory would make things a lot easier when it comes time to answer questions in class or when taking a test.

There are methods and tricks to improve your memory.

One method is to be observant and notice things around you. Another good technique is to make associations with familiar things you can visualize.

Writing down key points helps the memory for some students. Other students find that verbalizing the material or explaining it to friends ingrain the material into the memory.

Again, you can try different technqiues to see what works best for you.


Since homework usually consists of reading material in your textbook and doing written assignments, you want to be able to read the material rapidly, understand what you read and remember important points. You want to improve your skills to increase your effectiveness in these areas.

Use tools and techniques to help you do the job

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