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Speech Writing Aid

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

If you have to give a speech or presentation to your class, you need to write a script that is logical and easy to follow.

A major problem some students have in writing a speech is that they have not defined a specific subject to write and speak about. Another problem is that they try to cover too much material.

A good concept for writing a speech is to pick a specific topic and then explain three major points on that topic. This allows you to present a single idea to the class. A typical speech consists of a salutation or greeting to your audience, an introduction that states a problem or topic, three solutions with examples, and a summary that restates your initial problem and solutions.

My speech writing aid can help you organize your thoughts and gives a short version of your speech on which you can elaborate. This application is mainly looking at the type of speech that proposes solutions to some problem. Although there are other types of speeches, this aid can give you an idea of how to start.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Define your topic

One type of speech concerns proposing solutions to a problem. You need to define a specific topic that will allow you to propose some realistic solutions.

Pick out a phrase that states the problem of concern. For example:

I am sure you can think of some problem that concerns you and for which you can suggest some possible solutions.

Possible solutions

You don't want to have too many solutions or points to cover in a speech, otherwise it can become boring or too difficult to memorize. Three possible solutions is an optimal number.

Consider your problem and list three possible solutions. If the subject is something of concern, I am sure you can think of several solutions.

For example, solutions to bullies at school could be:

Result or benefit

For each solution you propose, you can state the result or benefit. In an actual speech, you might include the pros and cons for each idea.

Examples of the result or benefit for the possible solution of avoiding the bully could be:

Create your speech

The method to create your speech is to simply follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. Use your mouse to move to the next area to input text. When you are through answering the questions select the Create Speech button to see the results of your input.

If you make a typing mistake, you may have to use the Backspace key to make a correction.

Type input

(Note: You must have a browser that it JavaScript-enabled to use this automated speech writer. Most browsers have that capability.)



1. Type in your teacher's name.

For example, type the name: Mrs. Johnson (no period at end).



2. Type in your area of concern or the problem you will discuss.

For example, type the words: air pollution

Another possible problem could be: too much homework

The problem is:

Body: First solution


3. Now, propose the first of your three possible solutions to the problem. Use a short phrase that starts with a verb. Do not put a period at the end.

For example, for your first solution to the problem, type in stop automobiles that emit fumes (no period at the end).

Another example is: give shorter assignments

(start with a verb)

4. Tell a benefit or result of that solution. Complete the sentence, "This will..."

For example, type in: reduce much of the smog (no period at the end).

Another example is: make everyone happy

This will:

Body: Second solution


5. Now, propose a second solution. Use a short phrase, starting with a verb.

For example, type in: start stricter regulations (no period at the end).

Another example is: let students skip assignments

(start with verb)

6. Give a benefit for that solution by finishing the sentence, "This will..."

For example, type in: cause people to think (no period at end)

Another example is: get teachers mad

This will:

Body: Third solution


7. Now, propose a third solution, starting with a verb.

For example, type in your third solution: make people ride bicycles (no period at end)

Another example is: let school out early

(start with verb)

8. Finally, give a benefit for that solution by finishing the sentence, "This will..."

For example: get people angry (no period at end)

Another example is: allow kids to play more

This will:


You can mark and copy this speech and then paste it into your word processor to edit and elaborate.


You can use this Automated Speech Writer to assist you in organizing your speech or written material.

The ability to speak well to a group is a powerful tool

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