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Results of Grades Survey Questions

by Ron Kurtus (updated 9 February 2022)

Note: For a while. I had survey questions on the various topics. Answers were tabulated and placed in a database. That feature has been temporarily put on hold. However, you can still see the results of the survey.

Have you ever skipped school? Yes: 2192 (39%) No: 3383 (60%) Total: 5575
If you need a good grade, is it OK to cheat on a test? Yes: 1289 (34%) No: 2419 (65%) Total: 3708
Do you study while watching TV? Yes: 1506 (42%) No: 2012 (57%) Total: 3518
Are you smarter than some of your teachers? Yes: 1722 (49%) No: 1728 (50%) Total: 3450
Could you ever get an A in every class? Yes: 1623 (61%) No: 1005 (38%) Total: 2628
Do you like to eat a home cooked meal when you get home from school? Yes: 1428 (76%) No: 428 (23%) Total: 1856
Do you like solving math problems that are way over your head? Yes: 968 (50%) No: 946 (49%) Total: 1914
Do you put off doing your homework until after 10 PM? Yes: 873 (47%) No: 957 (52%) Total: 1830
Do you think that some teachers shouldn't have been hired? Yes: 1520 (91%) No: 148 (8%) Total: 1668
Do you typically spend more than 1 hour a night on homework? Yes: 1565 (63%) No: 910 (36%) Total: 2475
Do you typically spend more than 2 hours a night on homework? Yes: 781 (54%) No: 653 (45%) Total: 1434
Have you ever been bullied in school? Yes: 1047 (52%) No: 954 (47%) Total: 2001
Is it fair to fail a student who tries really hard? Yes: 989 (29%) No: 2417 (70%) Total: 3406
Do your teachers explain things well enough? Yes: 633 (31%) No: 1352 (68%) Total: 1985
Are games an effectively way of learning? Yes: 920 (76%) No: 289 (23%) Total: 1209
Do some of the other students get on your nerves? Yes: 1154 (91%) No: 110 (8%) Total: 1264
Do you ever study with friends? Yes: 773 (49%) No: 774 (50%) Total: 1547
Did you ever fall asleep doing your homework? Yes: 1382 (58%) No: 965 (41%) Total: 2347
Should students be allowed to smoke outside of school? Yes: 437 (35%) No: 797 (64%) Total: 1234
Is it OK to use a report that someone else wrote? Yes: 199 (18%) No: 857 (81%) Total: 1056
Have you ever been afraid to go to school? Yes: 898 (57%) No: 663 (42%) Total: 1561
Do you listen to music while you study? Yes: 5710 (54%) No: 4732 (45%) Total: 10442
Do you have a favorite teacher? Yes: 293 (77%) No: 86 (22%) Total: 379
Do some teachers favor certain students? Yes: 1257 (94%) No: 79 (5%) Total: 1336

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