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Texting During Class

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

Sending text messages or texting is a popular way to communicate with friends. It is not only fun, but you can easily sneak text messages during class.

However, it can result in not paying attention to what is being taught in class. Also, if you are caught texting, you can be punished or reprimanded.

The best course of action is to hold your texting until break time or after school.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Reasons given for texting

There are several reasons students give for texting in class.

Fun to do

One cool thing about texting during class is that you can communicate with your friends, and the teacher doesn't even know about it. In fact, you can say all sorts of insulting things just in secret.

Get answers during a test

Some students will text during exams to try to find out answers from friends. Of course, this only works with short or simple answers, like a date in history class. But it still can be helpful.

Get mind off boring stuff

The third advantage of texting during class is that it helps to get your mind off the boring stuff that is going on around you.

Reasons not to text in class

There are several counter-arguments concerning texting during class.

May miss important information

Although you can communicate with friends during class, you may also be missing important information on the subject, as well as assignments. It could actually make doing your homework more difficult or cause your test scores to drop.

Blatant cheating

Texting to get answers during an exam is blatant cheating. Other students who see you texting often will turn you in to the teacher. Getting caught cheating during an exam can result in getting a failing score or even expulsion.

Best course of action to take

Although sometimes lectures from the teacher or class discussions can be boring, they still are a part of learning.

Don’t even think about doing it

Certainly, the best course of action is not to text during class. Don't even think about doing it, especially during a test or exam. It is much better to try to pay attention in class, so that you will later be able to zip through your homework and do well in your tests.

Don’t text in class

Instant gratification or feeling you are getting away with something is infantile behavior and even self-destructive. Don't text in class.


Although you may enjoy exchanging text messages with your friends, it is not something you should do in class. It may be easy to sneak text messages during a boring class, you may miss valuable information that can make doing your homework easier. Texting during an exam is cheating, and the results can really mess you up.

The best course of action is to hold your texting until break-time or after school.

Take pride in your abilities

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