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Three Levels of a Champion Student

by Ron Kurtus (updated 28 February 2022)

You can feel like a champion in school if you are able to complete your assignments, get good grades, and even help your friends with homework.

There are three levels of being a champion. Each one is a little more difficult to attain. The levels are: (1) achievement, (2) recognition and (3) compassion.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Achievement level

When you achieve a difficult task and you celebrate the occasion, you feel like a champion.


Several examples of achievements include:

Suppose you had a difficult homework problem to solve in one of your classes. When you finally solved the problem, you say, "Yes! I solved it!" You are elated with your achievement.

You could be writing an essay that doesn't seem to work right. But then finally, you get the results you expected. You are happy and celebrate the occasion. You feel like a champion.

Or you have way too much homework to do, but you finally finish it. You are glad to finish the task.

Acknowledge and celebrate

In all of these cases, you should acknowledge and celebrate your achievement, so you feel like a champion.

Recognition level

You can feel like a champion when you have verification of your skills and talent, such as by winning a competition, gaining an award, or getting praise for your work.


Examples of getting recognition include:

Doing well on a test and earning a good grade is acknowledgement of your skills. But note that it takes doing your best to be a champion. If you take an exam that is difficult for you, and you do better than expected, you are still a champion.

Winning an award as the top student shows you are the champion in that competition. But also, just being in the running gives you enough recognition that you should feel like a champion.

Having the teacher give you praise for some work you did in class will make you feel like a champion at the recognition level.

Going a step beyond

Receiving recognition as a champion is going a step beyond feeling like a champion from your achievement. But sometimes you deserve the recognition but don't get it. Still, you know that you are a champion.

Compassion level

Being a champion to someone else means that you show compassion and help someone in need. It goes beyond having a great achievement or winning a championship. This is a quiet type of champion, where you are truly making a difference in someone else's life.

Helping a fellow classmate or even a younger brother or sister to understand the concepts of science, math or some other difficult subject means you are being a champion to them.

But also, helping a "special student" can be greatly gratifying.

Not only are you a champion, but teaching others will increase your own skills and solidify educational concepts in your mind.


Achieving a difficult task and celebrating your achievement makes you feel like a champion. Getting recognition as a champion is going a step beyond your achievement. Showing compassion and helping others is the third level in being a champion, because then you are really making a difference in someone else's life.

Be a Champion

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