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Sample ISO 9000 Quality Policy Manual: Sec. 4.19 Servicing

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2022)

The following material is section 4.19 of a Quality Policy Manual, used to satisfy the ISO 9001 standard. This material follows the rationale approach to stating company policies and is intended as an example of this approach as well as a sample of a Quality Manual.

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4.19 Servicing

In our company, the products we deliver may occasionally need servicing.


We believe it is important to provide support for the products we sell. This is to avoid the risk of unhappy customers and product returns.

We believe that effective servicing of our products after delivery will result in reduced costs due to eliminating wasted effort and material. It will also ultimately result in increased business due to customer satisfaction from getting expected goods and services.

NOTE: Even when not stated in the contract, some form of product service is expected. When it goes beyond what is expected, the customer can be delighted.


Thus, in order to keep our customers satisfied, it is the policy of this company to follow the ISO 9001 section 4.19 standard on Servicing and always perform servicing that meets the specified requirements, where servicing is specified in the contract.

Where servicing is specified in the contract, we maintain our Procedure 4.19 for performing servicing and verifying that it meets the specified requirements.

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