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Steps to Achieve ISO 9000 Registration

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2022)

The process for complying with the ISO 9000 standards and obtaining certification can be complex. From the experience of other companies, there are recommended steps to follow in order to facilitate the process.

Questions you may have on preparing for registration are:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Steps to follow

These eight steps--along with their sub-steps--are based on what many major companies have followed to achieve their own ISO 9000 registration. These steps are also useful for companies simple seeking to conform to the ISO 900 standards, but not formally become certified.

These steps are a good guide for establishing a timeline, schedule, and potential costs for the process of becoming ISO 9000 certified.

(NOTE: Also see Simple Plan for ISO 9000 Certification for another outlook on this process.)

1. Get top management commitment

  1. Top management considers ISO 9000 registration
  2. Quality steering committee meets to evaluate process
  3. Committee informs top management of ISO 9000 costs, schedule, etc.
  4. Top management commits to pursue ISO 9000 registration

2. Train personnel

  1. Hold basic quality and ISO 9000training for all employees
  2. Select and train personnel to be internal auditors

3. Prepare Quality Policy Manual

  1. Study and understand ISO 9000 requirements as they apply to your company
  2. Write (or re-write) company Vision and Mission statements
  3. Write basic Quality Policy Manual outline
  4. Complete first draft of Quality Policy Manual
  5. Send copy of  manual to customer desiring ISO 9000 compliance (if necessary)

4. Prepare Operating Procedures

  1. Define responsibilities, using Quality Manual as a guide
  2. Have those responsible for functions outline their procedures
  3. Interview managers and fine-tune procedures
  4. Compare Operating Procedures with Quality Manual for consistency

5. Hold internal audit

  1. Hold internal audit of ISO 9000 manual vs. ISO 9000 compliance
  2. Implement corrective action items from audit

6. Select registrar

  1. Research registrars and their cost
  2. Qualify possible registrars
  3. Select third party registrar

7. Go through registration process

  1. Apply for registration and audits
  2. Agree to audit process etc. with registrar
  3. Hold pre-assessment audit
  4. Take any needed corrective action
  5. Have ISO 9000 registration audit
  6. Take any needed corrective action
  7. Re-audit as needed
  8. Take any needed corrective action

8. Obtain ISO 9000 registration

This verifies that you operate your business in compliance to the ISO 9000 requirements.


These simple steps can prove to be an effective guide to obtaining ISO 9000 registration:

  1. Get top management commitment
  2. Train personnel
  3. Prepare Quality Policy Manual
  4. Prepare Operating Procedures
  5. Hold internal audit
  6. Select registrar
  7. Go through registration process
  8. Obtain ISO 9000 registration

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