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Gaining Knowledge

by Ron Kurtus (updated 17 December 2022)

Knowledge is an accumulation of facts, principles and methods within the mind. Gaining knowledge is learning. You gain knowledge through paying attention, experience and being taught.

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Paying attention

Paying attention includes observing or noticing with all of the senses. A baby will learn much about its new environment through what he or she sees, hears, smells and feels. The baby learns the rhythms of time and its relationship of activities.

People gain much information through paying attention, such as getting information in conversation, hearing news on the radio, and seeing things on the television.


You gain knowledge when you do something or something happens to you. Experiences add to your reservoir of knowledge. Mistakes can also result in learning, since correction reinforces the learning process.

A baby will quickly learn what "hot" means, when he or she touches something on the stove, especially when told not to do that.

Being taught

When someone provides you with information and facts that you are expected to remember, the process increases your knowledge. Often tests are given to reinforce the learning process.

Part of being educated involved reading books that provide more information, as well as using other educational resources such as the Internet.


Learning and gaining knowledge is gathering and remembering facts, principles and methods. You gain knowledge through paying attention, experience and being taught.


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