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Basic Facts About Your Life

by Ron Kurtus (22 December 2009)

There are three basic facts about your life that cannot be disputed. First of all when you were born, you were given a body and mind with unique capabilities. You were also placed into certain circumstances, which can change as you grow. Finally, you are on this Earth for a limited time.

These facts hold true for all living beings and are the starting point to a philosophy toward life.

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Born with capabilities

It is a fact that at birth you have been given a body and mind with unique capabilities.

Some are given strong bodies, while others may be sickly, weak or disabled. Likewise, some may have talents or potential of learning, while others may even be mentally challenged.

Your body and mind is the starting point in life. You naturally seek to grow physically and mentally. Unfortunately some people may not stretch themselves or take care of their bodies and minds.

Take care of your body and mind.

Placed in certain circumstances

It is also a fact that you are born in certain circumstances, which includes your location in the world, local politics and the people around you. These circumstances influence how you grow and live and initially determine your path in life.

Some people are born in poverty-stricken regions, while others are in prosperous areas. Some live in areas of political strife, while others live in free societies. Some people are surrounded by a loving, supportive family and friends, while others are surrounded by people who are harmful to them.

You can't determine the circumstances in which you were born. Part of the challenge of life is to improve your circumstances until you are able to reach your potential.

You can improve your circumstances by improving your the skills you have and applying them to bettering yourself.

Here for a limited time

It is a fact that you are here for a limited time. The amount of time depends on your physical and mental conditions, as well as your circumstances.

Some may succumb to disease or accident that shortens their lives. Others may be healthy and live in circumstances that allow for a long life.

You want to take advantage of the opportunities you have and your time here on Earth to reach your potential to live a long and enjoyable life.


The basic facts about your life is that you were born with a body and mind with unique capabilities, you were placed into certain circumstances and you are on this Earth for a limited time. By taking advantage of the opportunities you have been given, you can improve your body, mind and circumstances, as well as to enjoy the time you have on this Earth.

Take advantage of all your opportunities

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