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Five Questions for Champions

by Ron Kurtus (12 August 2001)

The School for Champions philosophy divides Life into five major areas: Character, Knowledge, Excellence, Value and Health. To have a fulfilled life, you must succeed in all of these areas. By asking yourself five simple questions each day, you will be move toward a happy, fulfilled and successful life.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions.

Five questions

Ask yourself the following questions every day:

  1. What am I thankful for today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. Where did I do a good job?
  4. Who was I valuable to today?
  5. How did I take care of myself today?

What am I thankful for?

Character includes being honest, honorable, and appreciative. It is giving fair return for what you receive and not taking what isn't yours. I've moved thanks to a different area, just as I've moved helping people.

Appreciating what you have and receive enlightens your spirit and shows your character. A person who is thankful is often a person who is good.

You can be thankful for such little things as:

Ask yourself: "What am I thankful for today?"

What did I learn?

You should be able to learn something every day, no matter how old you are. Observe and be curious. There is so much to learn in life.

There are many things you learn:

Ask yourself: "What did I learn today?"

Where did I do a good job?

Doing high quality work in what you do is important to you and to others. This includes improving the way you do things.

Look at good areas and where you can improve:

Ask yourself: "Where did I do a good job today?"

Who was I valuable to?

Helping others get what they want makes you valuable. This includes taking an interest in what someone has to say, being friendly, and being considerate.

There are many situations in which you have been valuable to others:

Ask yourself: "Who was I valuable to today?"

How did I take care of myself?

Taking care of yourself means that you made an effort to be healthy. You may have eaten healthy foods, exercised, or avoided abusing your body with bad substances.

Check on how well you have taken care of yourself:

Ask yourself: "How did I take care of myself today?"

Answering questions

You don't really have to formally answer these questions to feel good. Just asking them sets your subconscious mind in motion. You can't help it, but you will give yourself an answer to each question.

Writing down the answers is probably more effective in the short run, but human nature dictates that most people would soon stop writing things down after a while. The most important thing is to ask the five questions. Try to do it every day, perhaps at the end of the day.

They are reminders to keep you on the right path.

It works

These five questions summarize what life is about. By asking yourself the questions and subconsciously answering them or being reminded of the way to be, you will improve your life.

They are reminders. They're a form of affirmation. They let you realize that you doing well and feeling better about yourself.


Ask yourself the five champion questions and answer them if you can. Try to do this every day, if you can. Your perspective on life will change, s you move toward more fulfillment.

Ask, and the answer will come

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