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Importance of a Good Vocation in Your Life

by Ron Kurtus (revised 17 February 2000)

A major part of your life is your vocation. This is your career or even your business. Fulfillment in your vocation can contribute to leading a satisfying and successful life. Factors involved in having a satisfying vocation are that you should have a purpose, help others and be concerned about future generations.

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Have a purpose in life

If you have a purpose in life, you have everything. Everyone has a unique life mission. The dream of what might be is more important than the record of what has been.

The way to get your purpose is to focus on what you want to be, consider what you want to do and considered the values and principles upon which your character and contributions are based.

If you enjoy doing some activity, if you are good at something, if you are concerned about solving some problem, or if you have a dream about reaching some heights, you are on your way to establishing your purpose in life.

Achieve your purpose through service

Instead of trying to become a person of status, try to become a person of value. And the way to do that is by helping others. Mission comes alive only to service—the idea of caring for others.

The whole concept of good business is based on providing the customer with products or services that will help that customer achieve his or her goals. Successful businesses go the extra mile to help out their customers. Likewise, in your job, if you have the attitude of working to help your company get what it wants or needs, you will succeed in your career.

The only way we can fulfill all our potential is from service to others, and we should make a habit of helping. When we help another, we help ourselves, we find meaning, and our satisfaction soars.

Benefit future generations

This principle states that if you want happiness for a lifetime, you should try to help the next generation. People of this planet are interdependent with all things.

The law of stewardship requires us to pass the planet on to future generations in a better condition than we found it in. We should do things with proper and high regard for of the people and the next generation.

You work in your vocation, job or business to benefit your family—especially your children. But also, your work should not be such that it destroys the environment or the lives of others just for the sake of personal gain. A person who does that may have greater material wealth but is never satisfied with his or her life.


To have a satisfying vocation, you should have a purpose, help others, and be concerned about future generations. This will help you lead a good, healthy life.

You get what you want by helping others get what they want

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The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness by Greg Anderson, Harper Collins Books, 1996 ($12.00). Provides an excellent blueprint for the principles to follow to lead a good life.

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